5 Best Cave Beds Your Cat Will Certainly Thank You For

Cat lovers around the world will agree - to truly make your furry friend feel the most at home, you must find them a comfy kitty bed. Cats love to curl up in or on just about everything, including clothes, shoes, beds, windows, and of course, any dark secluded place such as boxes and under beds. They have options for cat hammocks, cat couches, round beds, heated beds...and more! Keeping that in mind, the hottest thing in the cat bed industry trending lately is the cat cave bed.

Snuggly and soft, these little kitty hideaways offer them the safe spot they love to play, sleep, and just watch the world around them. In this article, I have listed 5 of the best cat cave beds out there today. Read on and I hope to help you find your companion a new place to nap!

Awesome Cat Cave Beds Comparison Chart

The Coolest Cat Cave Beds Around!

1. KittiKubbi


This covered cat bed is big enough for a fully grown cat, and yet still perfect for kittens to grow into as well! It is made from 100 percent natural wool and is created handmade in Nepal by using a technique called felting.

No two beds are the same, as each bed is individually molded to make the perfect bed for some lucky kitty out there. It can be used as a cozy cat cave, or flattened out to be a great cat mat!

There are no chemicals used to make this bed, and it is free of synthetic materials of any kind. Being made naturally of wool, it is not only very durable, but it naturally repels dirt, odor, and stains.

2. Original Cat Caves By Earthtone Solutions

Original Cat Caves By Earthtone Solutions

Following the trend, these beds too are made of natural materials, specially made with New Zealand Merino wool, felted and created just for you! They come in a multitude of colors and fun designs as well.

The wool offers winter warmth and is also cool in the summer. These can fit a large cat, two medium or small cats, or a whole litter of kittens comfortably.

People really seem to love the unique designs this company offers, including a cute pumpkin one!

3. Best Pet Supplies Tent for Pets

Best Pet Supplies Tent For Pets

A different looking cat cave than the previous two listed, this ultra-cushy covered cat bed will be sure to keep your feline warm at night!

Unlike the other two, it has a removable cushion on the bottom and is machine washable. It has an anti-slip bottom, keeping your kitty from scooting it around the house just trying to get in and out.

For those of you who are allergic or just have sensitivities to wool, this may be a great alternative! It has a corduroy cover on the outside and is filled with poly foam. As an added bonus, dogs seem to love them too!

4. Best Friends by Sheri Pet Igloo in Sherpa

Best Friends By Sheri Pet Igloo In Sherpa

Another great option for cats and dogs alike, this enclosed cat bed looks soft and supple and is made with Sherpa!

It is ideal for dogs and cats that weigh 8 pounds or less and offers sanctuary and quiet - perfect for those animals that need a few minutes to themselves here and there.

You can machine wash and dry this cat tent bed, and it has a removable insert in it as well. It has a handle on the roof, making it really easy when it comes to portability. The bottom of this bed is made of water resistant oxford material as well.

5. Grey Shark Bed

Grey Shark Bed

Funny and functional, this hooded cat bed is a definite conversation piece for any visiting your home, not to mention the comfort and style it offers your feline.

This fun little novelty piece will be sure to get some laughs, as it looks like your best friend is on the set of Jaws. It is made of a super fiber as well as Oxford materials. This helps to make it water resistant.

It is made with self-radiating material that helps return your pet’s natural heat back to them, keeping them warm and cozy. And the detachable pillow inside makes for easy cleaning!


So there you have it. An excellent variety of cat caves to keep your little friend toasty warm and happy. You'll be sure to get lots of purring out of them once they climb in and see how amazing these things are!

Whether you are more environmentally conscious or love a good conversation piece in your home, there is a cat bed for you!

What’s your cat’s favorite cave bed?

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