Have You Seen the Best Camo Dog Beds? (Pun Intended)

If your dog has been trying to sneak into your bed at night, you’re not alone. Let’s face it, dogs are social animals and who are we to deny them a good cuddle?

I know when you see your dog’s sad little face, it’s hard for you to kick him out of your bed, but Spike isn’t the one who has to go to the office in the morning. To make sure you and your dog both get your beauty sleep, get him a dog bed.

This is the answer to sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep, each in your own bed. Maybe not quite as comfortable as your bed, dog beds are soft and comfy too, and super-convenient if you’re going for a trip or out camping.

It’s true that the market is filled with great designs, but you have to see these camo dog beds to believe them!

Top-Rated Camo Dog Beds - Comparison Table

Dallas Manufacturing Co. Camouflage And Khaki Pet Bed

If you and your dog are both lovers of the great outdoors, you really need the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Camouflage Pet Bed. This bed has a very bold look with a Camo print on one side and khaki solid on the other.

Very unique, this pet bed is filled with a special polyester fiber filling for maximum comfort and a pleasing, fragrant cedar. The bed is easy to maintain; no difficult cleanup is required, simply wipe it with a damp cloth to make it new again.

It is very lightweight and can easily be taken with you on camping trips.

Alphapooch Softie Rectangular Dog Bed

After running around chasing his tail all day, your dog would definitely love to take a much-needed nap on the AlphaPooch Softie Rectangular Dog Bed, which is as soft as they come.

It is ultra-comfortable and comes printed with a true camouflage hunting design you and your dog will adore.

It doesn’t take up a lot of your space, and the cute print is surely a plus.

It has soft fiber filling and cedar chips which will repel all kinds of ticks, nits, and fleas and keep it clean. The bed is easy to maintain because it has a machine washable, removable cover.

Snoozer Rectangular Pet Bed In Camouflage

This camouflage print dog bed is printed in darker shades designed to be visually pleasing. Snoozer has designed a great camouflage pet bed which is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spills and stains.

The cover is also made of an ultra-durable poly-cotton fabric which is machine washable and dryable. Filled with soft fiber and cedar filling, this bed is movable and can be taken with you and your dog on outdoor trips.

Midwest Maxx Bed

This camouflage MidWest Maxx Bed is unique because it can be used as a standalone dog bed or along with a crate, whatever makes your dog comfortable. It is made up of water resistant polyester which makes you sigh in relief at the thought of no liquid stains.

This camo bed is ideal for outside use as well, and your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the ground when you plan a camping trip. It has poly fiber filling and is easy to maintain because it's machine washable.

Oakwood Mountain Camouflage Dog Bed

This soft and comfortable Oakwood Mountain Dog bed has cute raised sides and a low entry point from which your dog can enter. This design will give your dog a feeling of safety and security, making him feel happier.

The camouflage bed is filled with eco-friendly polypropylene filling and has a stable non-slip bottom cover, which makes it ideal for an energetic dog. Easy to clean because it's machine washable, it’s like your dog’s own little hidden home.

One of the best in the market, it comes with a lifetime guarantee; you can return it for a refund if you and/or your dog don’t like it. It comes with a choice of brown or pink piping, a pretty great deal right?!


I know how hard it is to let go of your bed partner, but there comes a time when you have to just go your separate ways.

Jokes aside, dogs can really ruin your sleep - not only because they lack sleeping manners and can have annoying snoring habits, but also because they can sometimes hit you or throw a paw across your face while they’re sleeping, giving new meaning to the phrase, ‘an animal in bed.’

Once you buy your dog one of these camo beds, you definitely won’t see your dog in your bed anymore. So take a pick from one of these best camo dog beds and give your dog a gift.

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