These Are the Best Cool Cat Hammock Beds!

There are two types of cat people: those who love cats, and those who love their cat so much they pamper their pets with gifts instead of treating themselves. Cats love to sleep, that’s no secret, but not many people know that cat hammock beds exist. This leaves cat enthusiasts around the world rejoicing in finding yet another adorably small item that they can buy for their feline friend.

Below, we’ve gathered up the five best cat hammock beds we were able to set our sights on for those who love saving space, saving money and giving their cat a comfortable place to rest.

5 of the Coolest Hammock Beds for Cats

City Kitty – Handing Soft Pet Bed

City Kitty  Hanging Soft Pet Bed

If you have a clingy cat, this hammock bed is perfect. Allow them to snuggle up underneath your chair instead of another room and never worry again about what they’re getting into. This luxurious hanging bed not only saves space but is so soft, even you’ll be jealous.

With a super high rating and over 50 customer reviews, we’re pretty sure that this is one of the most successful space-saving cat sleeping solutions on the market (try saying that five times fast!).

Versatility is the key word when using this item; you can hang it from a chair, use it with a crate, or even a cage with the included adjustable straps. It’s not limited to just cats, either, but they’re one of the top lovers of this 20x15 inch hammock bed.

Pecute Pet Hanging Hammock

Pecute Pet Hanging Hammock

While the previous was quite inexpensive, this Pecute cat hammock bed is half the price and includes a cute print on the hammock! Going with the typical leopard print theme, your cat will feel like the king (or queen) of the jungle in this hanging hammock sleep pad. The adjustable straps work much like the City Kitty Hammock, and can support up to 13.2 pounds.

If you have a small feline friend that you want to make sure sleeps safely, this is the perfect item for you. Another highly rated design, the plush interior is something your cat will go gaga for. While supporting 13.2 pounds, it measures 13.7 inches by 13.7 inches, which is a little smaller than the last pet bed. For those who have smaller chairs or have a smaller home in general, this one may be best for you as it’s optimal for space saving in more ways than one.

ProSelect Wild Time Pet Cage Hammock

Proselect Wild Time Pet Cage Hammock

Specifically designed for use with cages, this ProSelect cat hammock is so comfortable that the cat in the product image makes ME sleepy. Super soft with synthetic lambswool, your cat won’t ever have to worry about being cold or uncomfortable again.

Available in a giraffe-styled print or a normal black print, this cat hammock is actually cheaper than both the others above.

If you’re on a budget and love saving space (who doesn’t?) then you should highly consider snagging up this highly rated item that has more than 450 reviews. The measurements are only a tiny bit smaller than the previous two, coming in at 21 inches in length and 12.5 inches in width. Smaller breeds of cat will love lightly swinging and sleeping in this.

Original Kitty Cot

Original Kitty Cot

Known as the “World’s Best Cat Perch,” this hammock-styled cat bed is much different than any we’ve mentioned. This cat perch actually mounts to your windows with large suction cups that are patented as some of the strongest.

With more ratings than the last, over 500 people gave this a good rating. Cats love sitting on the window sill, so why not give them something comfortable enough to enjoy the light?

Cats are much like humans, and they love to people watch. With this hammock styled bed perch, you can give them a place to relax with a view! If only we could all have a bed with a beautiful view for free! Even though it’s a tad pricier than the rest, it’s an entirely different design and idea while hovering on the cat hammock bed genre.

Useful Thingy – Cat Hammock

Useful Thingy  Cat Hammock

For use in a cage, this cat hammock is a high rated, super soft fleece that supports more weight than some of the other products we’ve mentioned. This cat hammock supports up to 20 pounds and comes in multiple prints that include hyena and tiger.

If you’ve ever purchased one of these hammocks from Useful Thingy before, you’ll find that they have improved on their clips to allow users to not worry about the strength. They can also be washed in the washing machine.

A Comfortable Cat is a Happy Cat

You and I both know that felines can become irritable when they don’t get what they want. This is why you should spoil them with long-lasting comfort without over pampering. With any one of these cat hammocks, your cat will be one of the most envied on the block.

Most being under $20, you can spoil them without burning a hole in your pocket, and reduce chaos in your home by turning a restless kitty into a rested queen. Each product featured here has earned high ratings, as I understand that you want the best for your fur-babies.

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