Find the Best Cooling Dog Beds for Your Favorite Furry Friends

Where can you find the best cooling dog bed on the market? We'll show you the best cooling ones here!

The summertime can be especially harsh for our furry little friends, especially because of their coats.Even with a thin coat, they can still get extremely hot depending on your local climate. Panting is a self-cooling method for dogs, but man’s best friend would also love to have something similar to an ice pack on them!

In this article, we’ll let you in on the secrets of the best cooling beds for dogs on the market today!

Top Rated Cooling Dog Beds - Comparison Table

Hugs Pet Products – Chillz Pad Comfort Cooling Pad

This pet pad is extra-large with a somewhat thick sheet, equipped with cooling abilities. Like a large non-freezable ice pack for your pup, this inexpensive option is reusable and provides ultimate cooling capabilities.

There are multiple sizes if you don’t have a large dog, and even come with the added bonus of relieving joint pain for dogs who suffer. How to use this pad is simple: all you have to do is place this cool pad over their bed and have them lay on it.

Their weight will activate the cooling gel which will provide them with a cooling layer underneath their body. There is no reason to put this in the freezer, as the cooling gel continuously activates by weight. This can be used outside as well.

K&Amp;Amp;H Cool Bed Iii – Cooling Dog Bed

This cooling pet bed works in a similar fashion to our previous product mentioned. Offered in three sizes, this pad uses activated liquid to distribute coolness around your dog’s body. You don’t have to freeze this device either; it can be used indoors and out.

One great aspect of this pad is that it can help soothe aching bones and skin issues that your pet may have. You don’t have to use this one over a dog bed, as it works great on its own. Very well-priced for the long life of this product, it’s automatically under two-year warranty (but typically lasts much longer than that).

If you calculate how much you’ll be using it (probably during the summers) you can use this for years to come. There are almost 900 extremely positive reviews. You can’t beat that!

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed With Knitted Fabric

A cooling dog bed that is designed like a cot, this product allows the fabric to be breathable. In return, the air that surrounds your pup can pass through rather than become blocked, allowing a natural air flow.

Without using any liquids, this cooling bed can cool your dog in an eco-friendly way. Putting one of these beds outside on a breezy, warm summer day will allow the underside of your puppy to become much cooler than if they were laying on the warm ground.

This inexpensive product is effective and even has higher ratings than the previous two (which already have excellent ratings!). Almost 6,000 people have rated this product above average. You can’t beat that for something with such a low cost!

K&Amp;Amp;H Manufacturing Cool Bed Deluxe With Bolster

Another successful product from K&H, this dog bed has a similar concept to their previous dog bed, but with added features for a little bit more money. This product incorporates the Cool Bed III into the design, while adding bolsters around the edges for comfort.

This way your pup can have all the coolness they want with pillows to encapsulate them in the perfect temperature. You’ll need to add water to this one though, unlike others. Made with durable fabric, you’ll be able to get years of use out of this high-rated piece!

Cooldog Reusable Ice Mat

This product is a highly rated canvas product that allows the hot/cold mat to completely cool down your furry friend. The reusable mat listed includes links to create a larger area.

If you have a dog as big as a Great Dane, you can buy multiple mats and put them together to create the ultimate cooling arena. This pad uses purified water with no toxic chemicals and an anti-slip method for optimal use around the house.

One mat measures one foot by two feet (12” x 24”), but as mentioned, they can be linked to create a bigger pad for larger puppies. At less than $20 for each pad, you can create a huge piece for not a huge price!

Playapup Pup Chiller Cooling Mat

The concept of the PlayaPup isn’t any different than some of the ones already listed, but this product guarantees that it can instantly cool off your furry best friend at least 7 degrees with a maximum cooldown of 9 degrees than the current room temperature.

Let’s think about that: if it’s 80 degrees and humid within your home, you can get your puppy to cool down to a comfortable 71 degrees! This product rolls up easily and also comes with a funnel for the water you’ll need to pour in.

Once the water is in and sealed tightly, the pre-filled gel will activate because of the water and the pressure of your dog’s weight.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Even if dogs want to run around outside, they should have the option of staying cool. Dogs don’t know the specifics of temperature, and allowing them to choose whether or not they want to use products like cooling collars should be available.

Here are other ways to keep your dog cool in the summer:

Cooling collars are inexpensive and present the same idea as a cooling mat but with portability, allowing them to move freely. There are also ice balls for them to play with while keeping cool from the puppy toy creators.

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