What Is the Best Heated Cat Bed?

Cats really love to sleep, and they love it even more when they can be as warm and cozy as possible while they sleep. Cats tend to curl up and are pretty good at keeping themselves warm, but there are many things you can do to help them out.

The most obvious way a cat will keep warm is his coat – regular grooming, as well as a balanced diet and possible supplementation, will help them with that. Don’t be alarmed if you see your cat eating a little extra during the winter too!

The extra calories will help him stay that much warmer. On top of helping your cat out himself, getting him a nice warm bed will surely keep him perfectly cozy.

While there are many excellent cat beds out there, these are heated and are specially designed to keep your kitty so warm and comfortable, they won’t be able to resist staying in there all day!

A heated cat bed isn’t only good for keeping your cat warm though. There a few health benefits your cat will reap if you treat them to a nice heated bed. For an elderly cat, the heat can offer soothing relief to stiff and aching joints.

Cats of any age suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or some back problems will also enjoy some relief of their symptoms and will be able to sleep pain-free. Whatever your reason for buying a heated bed, your cat will surely thank you!

Top-Rated Heated Cat Beds - Comparison Table

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Best Heated Cat Bed Reviews

1. K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

 Kh Thermo Kitty Heated Cat Bed

Available in two different sizes, this bed includes a premium, thick poly-fill pillow base which has a 4-watt heating unit hidden within.

The heater keeps the surface of the bed around 10-15 degrees warmer than the temperature of the room, and adjusts to your pet’s natural body temperature to keep them perfectly comfortable once they climb in.

The heater is removable should you find it unnecessary at any given time. The cover is also conveniently machine washable. Available in fun, colorful patterns or more neutral color combinations, it will fit the aesthetic of any room in any home.

This cat warming bed has a simple, traditional design with the perfect extra touch that will make any cat undeniably happy!

 Kh Manufacturing Thermo Kitty Bed Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

A deluxe version of the Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed, this luxurious warming cat bed has the same polyfil pillow base with a 4-watt heating unit, but it also includes a removable hood that will keep your cat covered and extra cozy.

Cats just love to feel safe and secure, and this will achieve that for your kitty no problem. It can be taken off, however, to create a more open bed for your cat, and also to be washed. This one is also available in two sizes to accommodate all shapes and sizes of cat!

This deluxe version gives you the same temperature regulation as the original model, but with the added hood for the feeling of extra security that your cat craves!

 Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

This is an excellent choice for newborn as well as elderly cats, as it’s small and completely safe – it heats up in the microwave, and there are no cords, wires, or electricity to worry about. This adorable little plate sized pad can retain heat for up to 10 hours!

It’s perfect for overnight warmth as well as keeping your cat warm for a long drive. Smaller cats can snuggle up to this cozy cat warming pad on its own, or it can easily fit underneath their larger bed to keep them warm where they already like to sleep!

Comes with detailed instructions on how long to keep the pad in the microwave, based on your own microwave’s wattage and power level. Thermapol compound found inside the pad is completely non-toxic, making this a very safe choice for your cat.

Kh Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House

This super cute little kitty house is the perfect way to shelter one, or even multiple cats whether they live inside or out. Being water resistant allows you to place it virtually anywhere. It also features two exits which have see-through doors.

This will prevent cats from being trapped in the event of an encounter with a predator. Easy, tool-free assembly with a zippered roof. You can get this house either heated or unheated. The unheated version comes with a polyester Berber pad, which can be machine washed.

Both versions come with removable door flaps as well. Heated version uses only 20 watts of electricity. This is the perfect choice to keep your outdoor kitties warm and protected all winter long.

 Kh Manufacturing Mod Thermo Kitty Shelter

This simple and elegant shelter is absolutely perfect for outdoor cats, or even indoor cats who spend some time outside. The easy, uncomplicated zip together design is hassle free and quick to assemble.

Designed to withstand extreme weather, it’ll keep your cat warm at all times – even in the lowest temperatures of the year. Only half of the floor is actually heated, so your cat can choose to be directly on the heat, or he can spend some time off of it if he is comfortable enough.

The solid exterior is long-lasting and will hold up to just about anything. Solid enough for use just about anywhere – in the barn, your shed, your front porch, or even under your deck if that’s where your cat likes to hang out!

Wherever extreme temperatures exist, this bed will shelter your cat from them.

 Kh Thermo Kitty Mat

If you’re looking for a heating pad for cats but are on a bit of a budget, this one is a good choice. Simple and affordable, it’s the perfect way to keep your cat warm anywhere in the house! The heater only uses 6 watts, so you never have to worry about it being too hot for your cat.

It is thermostatically controlled to warm up to your cat's own body temperature, only when in use. The heater is conveniently removable so that you can easily wash the cover. This is another very versatile option as it is just a simple mat.

Can be easily moved from place to place in your home, or used quite easily for travel.

Cat Bed Heated 2 Pack

This product is great if you’ve got more than one cat – especially cats of different sizes. Even as a heated pet bed for cats, it would still be ideal for households with one cat and another pet of a similar or smaller size.

Here you get two cat heating pads, one large and one smaller. Both pads are self-heating and include a layer of Mylar film, which is actually the same insulating material they use for spacesuits!

It reflects your cat's own heat back onto them and will protect them from the cold floors. The underside of these mats are rubber, so they will not slide around and will allow your car to move and stretch without their bed moving with them.

The top is covered with a super soft and cozy velvety material, that stray cat hair will quite easily come off of.

 Kh Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse

A great indoor hideout for your cat, with a 4-watt heater that will warm to your cat's natural body temperature when they are inside. Study and made with soft fleece and micro suede, your cat is sure to be both comfortable and cozy at all times.

Easy to assemble and will even zip apart and flatten out for hassle free shipping or storage. This stylish little kitty house will give your furry friend a place to call their own while simultaneously looking great anywhere!

The roof of the house is also soft and cozy, so your cat can sit up top and watch the world go by should he choose to do so – they can’t hide away forever after all, and with this bed, they can do both!

 Kh Manufacturing Mod Dream Pod

This Is definitely a bed for the modern-minded kitty. It’s unique design zips together easily and will provide the ultimate level of comfort and privacy to your cat, which will undoubtedly be much appreciated.

The large size will provide a private hideout for any cat, and the large opening makes getting in and out of their very own space perfectly easy. The dream pod can come heated or unheated, to match whatever needs both you and your cat may have.

The pillow inside is not only supremely comfortable, but it is removable and machine washable for the utmost convenience as well. This heated bed for cats is very stylish and will certainly stand out in any home!

Kh Outdoor Multi Kitty Heated A Frame

This excellent warming cat bed is an excellent option for housing your cats outdoors. You can also get an unheated model, but you will need a heated model if you don’t want your pets to freeze to death. A 40-Watt heated bed keeps your kitty warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

The bed has two exits, which are covered with removable and transparent door flaps to provide protection against harsh weather conditions. It houses up to four cats and is perfect for pets that sleep on your porch, garage, shed, barn, and in some cases, indoors.

With a 5.5ft cord length, you can position this warming cat bed without having to worry about access to electricity. The product is also certified by MET labs to surpass USA and Canada safety restrictions, and a one-year limited warranty gives you some peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

You can often find your kitties curled up on that patch of sunshine coming in through the window, or cuddled up into a blanket. This is because cats just love to feel secure, protected, and warm while they sleep.

Why not take the effort out of this endeavor for them and get them a bed that is already warm?

From versatile, thermal mats that can be used in-home and for travel, to big, private, heated hideouts that they can escape into and call their own, there is something out there to meet everyone’s needs.

The winter months can be particularly challenging for outdoor cats, and getting them a heated little kitty house of some sort will ensure they have easy access to somewhere both safe, and warm.

If you want to do something extra special for your cat, a heated bed might just be the way to go! They will be forever grateful!

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