The Best Indestructible Pitbull Dog Beds

A dog is a wonderful pet, and pit bulls are no exception. They are loving, loyal, and super fun to have around. However, they are certainly on the larger side.

Every dog deserves a nice cozy, warm, and comfortable bed to nap and sleep on, but if you’re a pit bull owner, not just any bed will do. The best beds for pit bulls are beds that are large, strong, and sturdy so that they can hold up to both the size and weight of your furry best friend.

A pit bull-proof dog bed is essential to allow your active, rambunctious pet to rest and recharge at the end of the day. You don’t want to be constantly worried about buying a new bed all the time either, so good quality is an absolute must. Some beds are best suited for resting after a day of summer fun, while others are best used indoors for a restful, restorative sleep.

PetFusion’s Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge is an overall excellent choice, with its large size and high-quality memory foam pad. Whatever your needs are, though, these pit bull dog beds are sure to make your best friend as happy, and comfy as can be!

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Don’t Sleep On These Wonderful Pit Bull Beds (Get It?!)

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This chew-proof indoor dog bed is perfect for dog breeds that are notorious for the amount of destruction they can cause. It is available in several sizes, ranging from ‘mini’ to ‘XXL.’

The Kuranda’s robust PVC frame supports up to 100lbs, which should be enough for all but very huge dogs. If you own a heavier dog, keep reading – we have stronger dog beds on our list.

The bed is elevated to ensure that your dog is always clean and dry, and orthopedic considerations guarantee that your dog will always be comfortable when on the bed. The bed is also easy to clean, and its durability means that you can clean it multiple times without worrying about it giving up the ghost.

While the bed has a PVC frame, the actual sleeping area is made out of Cordura fabric. Cordura is very durable, resists abrasion, and provides tons of traction to allow your dog to get on or off the mattress easily. These features make the bed great for indoor use.

Kuranda provides a limited one-year warranty that covers the product’s structural integrity, which includes any dog-related damage that leaves the bed unusable. Cosmetic damage, however, does not qualify for the warranty.

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Classy and contemporary, this bed is great in the summer as it will keep your dog off the ground, allowing air to pass both underneath and around them. It is available in three sizes, so will fit just about any dog.

There are many different colors to choose from, allowing for a stylish addition to any room or area. A great choice for indoor or outdoor use, the nylon canvas will keep them cool even on the hottest summer days. The simple, sturdy frame will suit any dog while allowing easy, no-tool assembly and excellent portability. The no slip rubber feet will protect your floors, as well as keep the bed in place as your dog jumps on and off of it. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, in the case of UV degradation.

It should be cleaned regularly if kept outside, as moisture may eventually cause the frame to rust, which is not only unhealthy but it makes taking the bed apart very difficult.

The Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed is a great choice for heavier dogs who love to stay active, even in the summer. It will give them a place to relax and cool down in the heat while being an attractive and modern addition to whatever room or outdoor area you choose!

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Kuranda’s Chewproof Ultra Duty dog bed is an excellent outdoor bed for boisterous and potentially destructive pets. The bed is supported by an aluminum frame, which supports up to 250lbs, making this bed sturdy enough to handle almost any dog.

The dog bed comes in several sizes to cater to dogs of different sizes, and you can also get it in four different colors. The single-color bed design ensures that it fits into almost any color scheme you may have in your home or outside.

The bed is also elevated to keep your pet comfortable, clean, dry, and cool, whether you decide to set it up indoors or outdoors. The bed’s smooth fabric is easy to clean and will survive multiple cleaning attempts without scuffing.

The bed’s sleeping area is built of solid vinyl, an extremely durable fabric designed to be as chew-proof as possible. The vinyl fabric slides inside the frame to discourage chewing and all fasteners stainless steel to maximize longevity.

Whether your dog is determined to dig through your pet bed or wants to chew it to bits, the Kuranda Chewproof Ultra Duty dog bed will remain as good as new.

Kuranda provides a one-year limited warranty on this outdoor pet bed.

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The K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad is designed to fit into most dog crates. It also has several design features meant to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible – we’ll look at some of them in our short review.

This crate pad is perfect for dogs that try to dig, scratch, or chew their beds. However, a crate pad is by design harder to make chew-proof. If your dog is a heavy chewer, an elevated chew-proof bed is the better option. The pad’s chew-resistant cover is also waterproof and shrugs off bites and scratches. The crate mat is machine washable, and you can easily spot clean it if required.

The pad itself is designed to be extremely comfortable for your dog. It is filled with recycled Polyfill and stitched shut to increase durability. The product also does not feature any Velcro or zippers. Anchor points on the mat provide points using which you can use to fasten your mat to a dog crate.

While the crate pad can fit into most dog crates (and can even be folded to some extent for a better fit), you can also use it by itself as a comfortable dog bed where your pet can relax around you.

K9 offers a 120-day chew-proof warranty – if your dog damages the product within 120 days of purchase, they will replace the entire pad.

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JEMA’s chew-resistant dog bed is one of the best round dog beds you can buy for your pet. The bed is designed to be incredibly comfortable, with comfortable fabric and soft padding maximizing comfort.

The bed features soft raised sides where your pets can lay their heads and relax. The sides feature deep cracks within them, allowing burrowers to enjoy the feeling of burrowing into the bed without damaging it. The JEMA bed also has an open side with no walls, which but allows physically disabled and older pets enter the bed.

The JEMA has a non-slip rubber bottom, which prevents dogs from dragging their bed across rooms. The bed’s base is also waterproof, allowing you to set it up without having to worry overmuch about your environment. Of course, don’t throw the bed down in a creek and expect it to be just fine, but it can handle small amounts of water just fine.

You can clean the bed easily by machine-washing it since it doesn’t contain any foam. The bed is also soft and flexible, allowing you to fold it up to fit it into your washing machine.

JEMA provides an 18-month warranty on their dog beds. Keep in mind, however, that this bed is best for dogs weighing between 10-15lbs. It’s a product for puppies, and it will not grow with your puppy. You’ll have to spend more on another dog bed down the line.

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Slumber Pet MegaRuffs dog bed comes in two sizes, medium and large to allow you to pick the best option for your dog. This chew proof dog bed is perfect for powerful, boisterous chewers.

The bed features durable ripstop polyester fabric for unmatched durability, double-stitching that your dog won’t be able to worry open, reinforced corners, and a supportive interior cushion. Metal zippers are also replaced by industrial-strength Velcro to reduce chew points.

All these factors make the Slumber Pet MegaRuffs one of the most chew-proof dog beds you can buy.

The inner cushion contains comfortable polyfill. The cushion is stitched into channels to distribute polyfill evenly and provide even support and loft across the resting area. Channel stitching also makes the interior cushion more durable since it is less likely to weaken and lose support in a specific area.

Both the ripstop cover and inner cushion can be machine-washed, after which you will have to air-dry them. Regardless, this means that you can clean the pet bed without any fuss, a major plus when you are looking at any pet bed.

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Another perfect dog bed from K9 Ballistics, this nesting dog bed is chew resistant and ideal for boisterous dogs that love digging and scratching. The bed can also handle light to moderate chewers, but you will have to get a sturdier bed if your dog is a heavy-duty chewer.

The ripstop cover is durable and resistant to scratches, bites, and light to moderate chewing. The cover is also waterproof, meaning that liquids won’t seep into the inner cushion. You can remove the cover and machine-wash it, making cleaning up a breeze.

K9 Ballistics makes this dog bed in the USA. The company also offers a 120-day chew-proof warranty, under which they will replace your dog bed if your dog damages it by chewing on it within 120 days of purchase.

This dog bed is a nesting dog bed, which means that it is intended for dogs that like to play around with their bedding and try to form it into a nest. This is not a heavy-duty chew-proof bed, and it will not survive targeted attacks by an exuberant puppy.

The dog bed is available in multiple sizes and colors. While you can choose between small, medium, large, and XX-large sizes, the real selection is in the colors, where you choose from a dozen different designs.


At the end of the day, all dogs need somewhere soft, tranquil, and relaxing to sleep and rest. Whether they are small, light, and docile or big, heavy, and very energetic, your furry friend deserves a nice dog bed.

Best Beds For Pit Bulls

Pitbull beds may not always be the easiest to find, but that doesn’t mean you should give up looking. The Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge from PetFusion is an excellent choice for a larger, heavier dog with lots of energy! It is super soft and has a memory foam pad for the highest level of comfort possible. The cover is not only water-resistant, but tear resistant as well, so it will be able to hold its own a little bit if your big dog happens to get a little playful sometimes!

Dogs are appreciated as man’s best friend for a reason. They really will be your bestie no matter what – no questions asked. So, isn’t it only fitting to give them the best possible rest they can get? It's especially important when they are younger; dogs just love to play!

After a busy day of running and playing, your dog's body will be tired and possibly sore. One of the best things you can do for him is to give him a top quality bed that will allow him to rest and recover as much as possible!

What dog bed does your pit bull absolutely love? Tell us in the comments!

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