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Many of us consider our pets to be just like a child of our own, so it’s no surprise that we want to give them the best quality and comfort. It doesn’t matter if it’s that special brand of gourmet food we can barely afford or the loveliest outfits for every holiday under the sun.

This even applies to the accessories we don our furry babies with, which is why we bring you some of the best leather dog collars out there. We want to make sure your dog remains comfy, safe, and stylish when it’s time for a walk.

No matter the shape, breed, or size of your dog, these leather dog collar reviews are here to help you find the best accessory that will have your pet wagging his tail in excitement as soon as you put it on him. So take a look at the top 10 best leather dog collars that we’ve found.

Good Quality Leather Dog Collars
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Reviews of the Best Leather Dog Collars

1. Luxury Real Leather Collar by Soft Touch Collars

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Think of the best color palettes available for dog accessories on the market, and it’s impossible not to picture Soft Touch Collars’ beautiful collection of sheepskin leather padding collars. These fantastic creations are made by true dog lovers who keep the utmost health and comfort of your dog in mind.

They forsake chemicals and harsh components and favoring natural products to make up the prettiest two-tone leather and brass collars out there. Available in a variety of complementing colors and sizes, these collars are by far some of the best if you’re looking for the high quality we know your dog deserves.

2. The ‘Hektor’ Genuine Leather Collar by Bestia Custom Dog Gear

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Finding beautiful, durable, and comfortable collars for large breeds can be a challenge, especially when designers seem to think that fabulous accessories are meant for small dogs only. But that is definitely not the case with Bestia’s ‘Hektor’ collar.

This handmade, powerful-looking collar is made out of natural lamb leather, with a soft inner padding and adjustable nickel-plated rings and buckle, solid enough for the biggest and strongest dogs out there.

The best part? The elegant, Celtic reminiscent silver design embossed on the black belt, a work of art that truly complements all large and giant breeds with a strong, warrior-like look.

3. Personalized Engraved Soft Leather Dog Collar by Custom Catch

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Never worry again about whether your dog ate his tags or lost them at the park with these cool and cute soft leather collars. You can engrave – not just embroider – all the information your puppy needs to be out in the streets looking great.

Available in all sizes, you can pick whatever combination of colors and texts you want. All are made in the best natural materials and components that take great care of your pup. Just by looking at these collars, you’ll want to order more than just one, identifying your dog with not only a name, address, and phone number, but also with sophisticated style.

4. Sundance Dog Collar by Weaver Leather

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This specialized leather brand has decided to grace our dogs’ necks by creating the gorgeous, old-fashioned Sundance collar. It presents a beautiful and elegant design that does not leave comfort behind.

Crafted from oil-rubbed brown skirting leather, this hand-tooled accessory comes with scalloped edges and copper details and is available for medium and large breeds. The quality of this nearly artisanal collar is palpable in the texture of the in-padding, including its perfect-yet-antique finish.

There’s also the comfort provided by the well-treated leather. It makes your pet look like it came straight from an 1800s portrait.

5. 1″ Leather Dog Collar with ID Plate by Magnus Leather

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Durability and strength are what Magnus Leather has to offer with this impressive dog collar, explicitly designed to give your 4-legged friend an accessory that will last longer than most collars.

The secret is their thick yet comfortable strip of sturdy leather, combined with a brass buckle and D-ring. The D-ring is precisely positioned to make putting it on and off of your dog’s neck the most effortless experience.

Also, aside from being a hugely practical piece, you can find it in cool colors like black, tan, dark brown, and red. Pretty neat, right?

6. Multi-Colored Stripe Collection by Blueberry Pet

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Personal experience tells us that this brand is an absolute must for every pet owner out there. Not just for their practical, simple, and high-quality products, but also because you can feel their love for all dogs by creating some of the best leather collars. Their multicolored striped collection speaks for itself.

With a combination of heavy-duty polyester webbing and treated leather, this collection centers around comfort and durability, presented in a simple but trend-setting royal blue that mixes fantastically with a series of other colors and tones, ready to be selected by their best clients.

7. Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar by Beirui

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Now it’s time for tough dogs to look great, too, with this spiked and studded leather beauty. It looks rock n’ roll on the outside but, just like your puppy, is made of the finest and softest insides.

This thick and sturdy collar is ideal for those big, hyperactive breeds that just can’t deal with short-lived collars. But this tough-looking accessory is also a safety measure, protecting your dog’s neck from bites and attacks from other dogs.

Sturdy, durable, and awesome-looking, this piece is definitely one of the best leather dog collars in the market, also available in all sizes and in personalized designs.

8. Padded Leather Dog Collar by Perri

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This particular brand has plenty of experience delivering the best quality leather products made for all types of animals. And this time, they present their elegant and exceptionally well-made padded soft leather collar, which can be used by all breeds and sizes.

Its design was specially created to withstand long walks and even the occasional playful fight with other puppies. A stylish piece, this collar comes in black as well as many color combinations.

It is a practical collar made out of the finest quality leather that ensures safety, comfort, and care for your best friend.

9. Soft Latigo Leather Dog Collar by Beirui

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Beirui is back at it again with an excellent product, this time presenting an ideal design for sports training and daily walking. It goes hand-in-hand with the health and comfort needed for your buddy’s favorite activity.

Real full-grain leather and an incredibly durable heavy-duty alloy D-ring come together to form this sturdy and soft collar, made with leash-pulling, restless dogs in mind. The thick and durable material is perfect for the great outdoors, so don’t hesitate to put it around your puppy’s neck and go on all sorts of adventures.

10. Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars by Aolove

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It’s back to basics with this lovely collar by Aolove. Everyone who has used it seems to love it — not only for its beautiful, classic design but also for its quality and durability when it comes to accompanying your dog in his most fun moments.

This adjustable and robust design is light, flexible, and remarkably soft against your puppy’s fur and skin. It comes in various colors, with elegant nickel-plated hardware. The hardware ensures that no amount of leash-pulling will damage the material, protecting your dog’s neck.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the only challenge in finding the best leather dog collars for your pet is actually choosing one from the many excellent options at your disposal. We’re sure that we just helped you make up your mind about the perfect, safest, and most stylish choice for your puppy.

So go ahead and give them a quality gift they’ll love for a long time.

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