The Best Non-Prescription Wet Canned Food for Diabetic Cats

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So, your cat’s latest visit to the vet didn’t go as expected, and you found out your kitty has diabetes. What to do next? Well, the first step is not to panic; while it is perfectly understandable to worry about the health of your pets — they are, after all, your best friends — what really matters now is to take care of them the best you can, and in the case of diabetic cats, the first and most important item to tackle is food.

Diabetes can affect your cat’s weight and ability to process certain ingredients, so your veterinarian’s first option will be to prescribe a special type of diet consisting of elements that will help balance your cat’s glucose levels, and while these prescribed solutions are fantastic for your feline, we also know that prescription food can be a tad expensive and even difficult to find.

So that is why we bring you, along with the veterinarian’s favorites, some of the best non-prescription food for diabetic cats out there, made by specialized brands that truly know about and care for the health of cats with specific needs.

While it is universally known that cats can be picky about what they eat, these special foods are nothing if not flavorful and varied, answering to your cat’s high standards when it comes to what’s on their plate. So, because we’re sure they’ll find the options for best wet food for diabetic cats hard to resist, take a look at these canned delights and choose what your kitty would love best.

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Reviews of the Best Wet Food For Diabetic Cats

1. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Glycobalance Morsels In Gravy Canned Cat Food

One of the best wet cat foods for diabetic cats on the market, Royal Canin’s canned food has earned its place as one of the healthiest and most complete options for felines with special dietary needs.

This is because it not only takes into account the need to maintain a healthy blood glucose level, but also the optimal functionality of the urinary system, preventing the formation of harmful stones in your cat’s bladder and kidneys, as well balancing the amount of food your kitty consumes in a day with its full and fiber-rich consistency.

While the notion of diet and medically prescribed food tasting like cardboard persists, this is by no means the case of Royal Canin’s wet cat food. The Veterinary Diet Glycobalance version comes in the flavor of morsels in gravy, making sure your cat loves it by the first sniff.

This presentation, aside from being positively delicious for your feline, is also full of rich, nutritious ingredients that will contribute to your kitty’s healthy lifestyle, without compromising the enjoyment of all their meals.

Exclusively formulated by experts, this canned food is the perfect balance of nutrients, fiber, and flavor. It’s effortless to buy online, representing an excellent option for both your cat and your budget.

This particular brand of cat food is all about protein, one of the most essential components in any diet aimed for the healthy and balanced nutrition of a feline with specific needs when it comes to food.

Made by one of the most important names in the animal nourishment market, this amazing canned food not only targets the imbalances in your cat’s blood levels, but also takes care of some conditions that put your cat’s health at risk, like enteritis and chronic loose stools.

Purina’s Dietetic Management Formula is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and plenty of nutrients that help keep your kitty’s bones as strong as ever, their digestive system working wonders and their playfulness levels to the fullest.

Specialized foods like this one, made by experts dedicated to giving our pets the most prolonged and healthiest lives, are responsible for making diabetes an easily overcome challenge, needing only the right amount of attention and control.

Besides, this awesome cat food is made with your cat’s palate in mind, being rich in flavor so as to never let your kitty know it is actually taking medicine, making everyone’s life a little easier.

This is probably one of the most delicious options for cat food out there, so much so that even you will want something this good for lunch.

A real-life luau of flavors, this canned cat food is an irresistible choice for those kitties with an exclusive palate, with recipes consisting of chicken breast, beef or seafood cooked in its own broth, tuna fish oil and sunflower seed oil, all completely free of hormones, flours and starches to amp up your cat’s digestive health.

Packed with all the benefits of a natural, conservative-free diet, this canned food is ideal for cats with exceptional dietary needs, like diabetes and problems in the urinary and bowel systems.

These formulas contain the perfect level of moisture to keep said systems hydrated and working at full capacity, as well as being completely carbohydrate-free, imitating to the last nutritional detail the diet of wild cats, and those never seem to have any dietary imbalances, do they?

Rich in flavor, budget-friendly and prescription-free, Tiki has definitely hit the nail in the head with this gourmet dish specifically made to spoil your cat’s tastes and keep them living a long, healthy, happy life.

During a single day, cats can interspace long, lazy naps with bright, lightning-like periods of play-time, and to keep them energized, active and playful for all that scratching and fake-hunting, they need all the protein they can get, and Dave’s Pet Food is here to provide it.

Mainly found in fish and meats, protein is one of the most critical elements in your furry friend’s diet, keeping their muscles strong, their coat brilliant and their heart beating at 100% capacity.

That's why Dave’s Pet Food has created this marvelous cat food formula, consisting of a solid 95% premium tuna and chicken meat, and completely devoid of any grain, flour, and starch, making it a perfect option for kitties with allergies or disorders like diabetes.

Omega-3, vitamins, fatty acids, you name it. This formula is rich with all that good stuff your cat needs to be jumping around and running after toy mice, including taurine and other elements essential to your pet’s healthy lifestyle.

With no artificial ingredients and packed with oils and the ideal amount of moisture, it keeps your pal’s whole system hydrated, with results you’ll soon see on their fur, their eyes, and their multiplied energy levels.

So, if your cat has a few extra pounds to lose or has any type of special dietary needs, you can get them a can of this wonderful food without a prescription and start taking care of your kitty.

So, your cat’s latest visit to the vet didn’t go as expected, and you found out your kitty has diabetes. What to do next? Well, the first step is not to panic; while it is perfectly understandable to worry about the health of your pets — they are, after all, your best friends — what really matters now is to take care of them the best you can, and in the case of , the first and most important item to tackle is food.

This clinically executed formula made by Hill’s experts is one of the best wet cat foods for diabetic cats that can be prescribed by your veterinarian, given the brand’s experience and excellence in creating dietary complements that deal with all sorts of diseases and imbalances found in all types of pets.

But cats undoubtedly get one of their big prizes with their w/d nutrition, proven to be an amazing complex for fiber conditions that contribute to helping your cat shed some of that extra weight and making sure they stay on the healthy numbers of the scale.

An important element about this mix is that it is specially designed for overweight cats that need to stick to a strict dietary control in order enjoy a normal life of physical activity and general health, as well as being an ally in the monitoring of diabetes and other types of health issues that can be managed through nutrition.

Hill’s puts emphasis on clinical studies to create their 100% proven formulas. Their low fat, low carbohydrate canned food offers your kitty an extensive list of benefits that go from controlling their appetite, maintaining their inner systems workings, and improving their family life by giving them the energy to play with their friends with a few pounds out of the way.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a cat with a diabetic condition shouldn’t in any way stop them from living a healthy, normal life; all they need is your absolute love, attention, and determination to give them what’s best for them, without compromising any of the delicious aspects of a typical, everyday diet.

Experts all around the world are designing more and more amazing formulas to maintain healthy blood levels and the general well-being of your feline friend, with the end goal of creating a safe, budget-friendly nutritional space for pets with special needs, so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s health — and stomach — being in excellent hands.

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