10 Best Seat Covers for Dog Hair

If you own a pet, you’ve probably had to take it out with you at least once in your car. And while your pet may be the most well-behaved in the world, there’s literally no way it can control shedding hair in your vehicle.

This applies particularly to dogs.

Unfortunately for you, dog hair is hugely irritating, being hard to clean and even being a potential allergen. You don’t want to pick up your date just to have her sneezing all over the place five minutes in, do you?

Barksbar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

And that’s assuming your pet is extremely well-behaved. What happens to your car seats when it isn’t?

Or forget about being well-behaved. If you own a dog, you know how excited it gets when on a car trip.

What happens when your pet starts slobbering all over your car or scratching your seats up? What happens if, God forbid, your pet decides it really needs to pee while you’re driving?

While it’s impossible to eliminate all the damage a pet may cause to your car, a pet seat cover will really help you.

Another advantage you get when you buy a seat cover is that you’re not only protecting your seats from pets – children can be just as messy, and a cover will minimize the damage they cause to your car’s interior.

If you go browse the Internet, you’ll find dozens of different pet seat covers, and it’s not easy to go through all the different options and deciding on the best one for you.

That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you! We’ve created a list of the best seat covers for dog hair. All you have to do is go through our list and decide which one is the best for you.


Top-Rated Seat Covers for Dog Hair - Comparison Table

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Best Car Seat Covers for Dog Hair Reviews

1. Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover

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The Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover is designed to specifically protect your car from damage that may be caused by overly excited dogs.

The cover helps defend your vehicle’s leather and upholstery from paws, claws, hair, dander, and spills that may be wrought by an overexcited pet.

This cover is designed for the rear of your car and is made for huge trucks and SUVs. This doesn’t mean that it can’t go in your saloon car, however.

The cover also comes with two extra pairs of harnesses and seatbelts for your dog. Even better, both can be adjusted to accommodate different dog breeds and sizes.

The seat covers are designed to give your car seats complete protection. To this end, they come equipped with anchors, side flaps, and non-slip backing.

The anchors go between your seats and fasten the cover to your seat. This also prevents the cover from moving around and even perhaps falling off during sudden stops or rapid acceleration.

The cover has two more elastic straps under the seat cover which complement the anchors and provide an excellent fit.

The cover is also quilted and padded. Its plushness and high quality mean that your car will be in great shape even years after you buy and installs the covers. Kids and pets also love the plushness, which allows you to focus on driving without worrying about whoever’s in the back seat.

The covers can also be used when transporting heavy goods since they have heavy-duty head straps. This belt webbing allows you to securely fasten objects you’re transporting without worrying about them moving around.

Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover

Finally, you also get a lifetime warranty on the cover. This means you only have to buy a cover once and you get peace of mind throughout your entire lifetime.

Features at a Glance

  • Heavy-duty straps for good transport
  • Plush and comfortable
  • ​Two extra pairs of harness and seat belts
  • ​Anchors, side flaps, and non-slip backing
  • Lifetime warranty
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This non-slip seat cover is another heavy-duty pet seat cover meant to protect your car seats from all but the worst punishment your pets can inflict on it. With premium components and long-lasting materials used during manufacture, you can count on the 4Knines seat cover to keep your car seats safe.

The seat cover is completely waterproof, allowing easy cleaning of spills and slobber. Some other seat covers may let liquids through which may then damage your seats, but the 4Knines cover protects your seat even in such situations.

The cover is also free from any toxic materials like AZO dyes and heavy metals like mercury and arsenic.

The cover is incredibly easy to install, with its quick release clips making any installation a walk in the park. The headrest straps which you clip on are even UV protected, ensuring they don’t suffer from extended exposure to sunlight.

And if you want to, you can even turn your cover into a hammock to ensure your dog feels safe – if that’s what it’s used to. There are openings in the covers to allow you to access car seat latches and seat belts – all to make things as easy as possible for you.

You also get a lifetime warranty from any defects caused by shoddy workmanship or substandard manufacturing materials, giving you peace of mind for as long as you own the cover.

4Knines Rear Bench Seat Waterproof Non Slip Cover

Unfortunately, the seat cover doesn’t allow you to access your car’s middle rear seatbelt. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, you may want to see 4Knines split bench seat cover which, as its name suggests, is divided into two to give you access to the middle seat belt cover.

Features at a Glance

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Completely waterproof
  • ​Free from hazardous materials
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Can be converted into a hammock
  • Lifetime warranty
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You want to be sure that your dog is comfortable while he sleeps, so this product will put you at ease. The BarksBar luxury per car seat cover can be converted into a hammock if required, depending on what your pet is used to. It looks incredible, and both you and your pet will love it – both for how good it looks and for how useful you’ll find it.

It’s 54”x58” in size and fits comfortably in most standard vehicles.

It also has three layers of waterproofing to ensure that your car’s seats are completely protected from any spills or leaks.

The polyester used for construction is heavy-duty and incredibly durable.

It has a quilted pattern that gives it a luxury feel, making it look and feel really good. It’s also non-slip, which is awesome because you don’t want your pet (or kid) flying around the place every time you brake or accelerate.

Barksbar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover 2

The cover also comes with seat anchors which prevent the seat cover itself from moving around. It deals with the issue of seatbelts by using openings lined with Velcro. Many other covers don’t have this feature, which allows pets to dig in around seatbelts and wreak havoc on your car’s seats.

You can rest assured that your cover doesn’t have any harmful materials like heavy metals or AZO dyes. It’s also built to withstand high and low temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about your cover getting damaged simply because it’s a different season from when you bought it.

The cover is also very easy to install – all you have to do is tuck in the seat anchors and snap the buckle straps around your seats’ headrests.

Finally, you can clean the cover by machine washing it on 'gentle.'

Features at a Glance

  • Can be converted into a hammock
  • Three layers of waterproofing
  • ​Heavy-duty, durable material
  • ​Quilted pattern
  • ​Seat anchors
  • ​Non-slip backing
  • ​Easy to install
  • Machine washable
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This Epica car seat cover comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you buy it and realize you don’t like it or it’s not for you, you don’t have to moan about all the money you wasted. Just apply for a refund, send the item back, and get your money back.

The cover is made from the highest-quality fabric which allows it to last longer than cheaper, flimsier plastic seat covers. Fabric construction means it will last for years and allows you to clean it easily by machine washing it.

The cover is quilted to provide a luxury look and feel. You can rest assured knowing your pet will love it since plastic covers are usually cold and pets don’t enjoy that.

It also has a plastic underside that prevents dampness from reaching the car seat and damaging it. It’s not exactly waterproofing, but it’s pretty much equivalent. In fact, it’s kind of better than waterproofing, since pouring anything on a waterproof cover will result in the material spilling either on your car’s floor or seats.

Epica Luxury Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover

The cover is easy to install, making it one of the best truck seat covers for dogs. The entire installation process takes less than a minute. All you have to do is attach the cover’s anchors to your car’s seat belt system and fasten the cover using the headrest straps.

Many car covers take away seatbelt functionality from your vehicle, but the Epica seat cover has holes through which you can continue using your seatbelts.

Features at a Glance

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Excellent construction
  • ​Quilted for luxury look and feel
  • ​Extremely easy to install
  • Holes for seat belt functionality
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This BarksBar seat cover is designed for your vehicle’s front seats. You’ll probably not put your dog in the driver’s seat (for obvious reasons), but if your pet usually rides shotgun, you need one of these covers.

The cover is black, waterproof, and will fit in any standard vehicle. It’s slightly adjustable, so try adjusting the straps if it doesn’t fit at first.

The cover has triple layer waterproofing to ensure nothing gets to your car seat.

The cover is also made from high-quality polyester, so you don’t have to worry about it ripping or tearing for a long, long time.

Barksbar Pet Front Seat Cover For Cars

Its quilted construction makes it look and feel luxurious. The fabric is much better than plastic for seat covers – for reasons we’ve explained before.

The cover is designed using ColorFast technology to prevent color bleeding and ensuring your cover looks just as good a few years down the line. It’s free from potentially hazardous substances including heavy metals and AZO dyes.

Its fabric construction makes it easy to clean. Just machine wash it on 'Gentle.'

Like other BarksBar products, it’s remarkably easy to install. Simply buckle the straps around your headrest and insert the anchor between your seat’s cushions. The reinforced headrest straps can also be altered, allowing you to decide how snug you want your seat cover to be.

Features at a Glance

  • Triple layer waterproofing
  • Quilted design
  • ​Built to prevent color bleeding
  • ​Extremely easy to clean
  • Very easy to install

6. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets

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This dog seat cover from URPOWER is an excellent option for SUV owners. It has good size, is both wearproof and waterproof, and is made from quality Oxford material.  Plus, you can be assured of comfort each time since it comes with a PP cotton mat for your pet to lie on.

Installing the URPOWER Dog Seat Cover is likewise very simple. Its quick release clips just snap around your car headrest and can be tucked inside the seat anchors. Moreover, the seat cover’s underside is made of non-slip PVC, so it stays in place no matter how much your dog moves around.

Another great feature on this dog seat cover is the side flaps. You’ll get a nifty side flap with URPOWER, making it easy and safe for your dog to hop on the back seat! Once your pet’s inside, just lift up the flap and secure it properly, protecting your car door from scratches and dirt.

URPOWER has also made their dog seat covers very versatile. This can now be used either hammock-style – to keep your pet from falling – or convert one side into a bench, so you can comfortably sit beside him or her. Velcro openings also let the seat belt threads through for better fastening, while a seat cover is simple to clean and will stay looking new even after a good wash.

In the end, it won’t matter what breed of dog you have; the URPOWER Dog Seat Cover is a great option to consider that keeps your furry friend safe while maintaining cleanliness in your car.

Features at a Glance

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Its setup can be adjusted for different situations
  • The seatbelt is high-quality
  • Suited for all types of dog breeds
  • The cushion used prioritizes comfort for your pet

7. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers

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The iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover is a hammock style dog seat cover giving you full back seat coverage. Measuring 54 x 58 inches in size, it fits in most vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. It works great for large and small dog breeds and is easy to install using its quick release clips that attach to your car’s headrests.

Made from high-quality Oxford fabric with extra padding, the iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover is waterproof and designed to last through years of use. The exterior has an anti-slip bottom and seat anchors to ensure it won’t move around. Thus, your dog is assured of a comfortable experience each time he or she takes a ride with you. Plus it is machine washable, too, making it all the more convenient!

Moreover, this unit has convertible side flaps to make it easy for your dog to get in and out of your car while protecting your seats from getting scratched. Once inside, you can simply lift the flap up to catch any drool that may drop down.

But what truly sets it apart from other dog car seat covers is the mesh breath window. It allows your pet to have great ventilation in the back seat, keeping cool and giving extra relaxation. The visual window also helps reduce your pet’s anxiety, since they’re able to look out the window and enjoy the scenery.

As an added bonus, this product comes with a dog seat belt, which would really come in handy if your dog gets overly excited on road trips. After all, ensuring maximum security for your pet is always a priority. Finally, clean up is made easy, making the iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover one of the most complete options on the market.

Features at a Glance

  • A hammock-style setup keeps your pet relaxed
  • The side flaps allow for easy entry and exit from your car
  • Offers good size
  • Its design composition simplifies cleaning
  • Fortified seat belts keep your pet in place

8. AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover Protector for Pets

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AmazonBasics provides all pet-lovers with an affordable option in this Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover Protector. You can take your dog or cat wherever you want without leaving any traces on your car! It’s straightforward to install. Just detach the seat cover and attach, giving you the ability to use it anytime you want.

At approximately 56 x 47 inches in size, this option is compatible with most cars. It is secured by using two headrest loops, two-seat anchors, and two elastic straps that all tie together easily. Additionally, this comes with two slits that have openings for the rear safety belts, so you can still have someone sit beside your pet in the back seat. At the same time, you can also use a seat belt to keep your furry little buddy secured during your travels.

The AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover Protector for Pets is made from 100% polyester material. Though it’s not of the highest quality fabric, it is, however, water resistant and will protect your car from spills, pee, dirt, mud, scratches, and other forms of damage. This product is also light and easy to stash in your trunk so you can keep it accessible at all times.

Lastly, this bench seat cover offers basic protection for your car’s interior. It doesn’t come to par with the more premium brands - it lacks padding and may not be the best option for large dogs – but it is still able to do the job of keeping your car free from shedding and other residues. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this product is not machine washable and requires spot cleaning only.

Features at a Glance

  • The body is fairly convenient to clean
  • Fits perfectly inside most car models
  • Made from light materials
  • Well-matched with different types of seatbelts
  • Easy to mobilize

9. Pet Magasin Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

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Pet Magasin has always prided themselves with providing quality and stylish products for our pets. This is quite evident with their Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover, which comes in an elegant design that isn’t just functional but also adds stylishness to your car. Compared to other models, it offers a more luxurious and modern-looking seat protector that even comes in a lighter color.

The material used on the Pet Magasin Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover is an Oxford 600D construction, which is tough and is equipped to provide multi-way protection. The top layer of the seat cover can soak up liquids, while its bottom is water-resistant to prevent any residual moisture from getting through to your car seats. This exterior is tough enough to withstand scratches and bites from your pet, too.

This is a hammock-style pet car seat cover that can protect the backside of your front seats. Its size is big at 54 x 58 inches making it suitable for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Even larger breeds of pets should be comfortable in this setup. Additionally, you can install it without any difficulty using the quick release clips that attach to your car’s headrests. Taking it off is similarly easy since it folds up nicely. As a result, it can be packed up without any hassle.

In conclusion, the Pet Magasin Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover is uncomplicated to clean and is even machine washable. Thus, you no longer need to worry about maintaining its elegant look. But what’s truly great about this luxury seat cover is that it’s not priced luxuriously at all! It’s among the more affordably-priced options in the market that brings quality, style, and comfort for your furry friends.

Without a doubt, this is assuredly one of the best car seat covers for dog hair.

Features at a Glance

  • Offers great value for money
  • Can be machine washed or hand cleaned
  • Built to withstand bites and scratches
  • Effortless installation process
  • Simple to pack up

10. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover Without Hammock

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As their tag line goes, nothing but the best for your best friend.

The company, 4Knines, promises only the best quality products for all your pets. Their dog seat, in particular, allows you to take your pet anywhere you want without having to worry about fur, dirt, or claw marks inside your car.

This option is constructed from highly durable materials, providing protection to your car and comfort to your pet! The top layer has a waterproof coating followed by a layer of cotton padding, polyester backing, and non-slip surface to keep it from sliding off your rear seats. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover Without Hammock also puts your pet’s safety as a priority since the materials are free from dyes and other harmful chemicals. The waterproofing on this product has a GSM rating of over 190, just as the colorfast materials and high temperature rated non-slip backing won’t damage your seats.

Ultimately, you are getting a lot of versatility with this product. Simply unzip either side to allow the seat to fold down, or even unfasten both zippers to put down the armrest. Plus, this dog seat cover will enable you to use all your rear seatbelts, even the middle seat belt! Simply undo the cover, pull out the seat belt, and then re-zip the cover. It’s that simple!

Lastly, the 4Knines Dog Seat Cover installs easily using quick-release clips and reinforced UV-protected headrest straps that won’t fray when being put under the sun’s exposure. This also cleans quite easily - just wipe it clean, vacuum it, hose it down, or even toss it in the washing machine!

Interested users will also be glad to know that this is available in two sizes – regular for cars and most SUVs and XL for large SUVs and full-sized trucks – as well as three available colors. Style may not seem as important, but it’s a simple way to match it with your car’s seat. Check this model out if you want the full package.

Features at a Glance

  • Stylish exteriors make it very eye-catching
  • The color won’t fade under intense heat conditions
  • Can be hosed-down, dry cleaned, or hand washed
  • Chemicals used aren’t harmful to pets
  • Offers good size

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap, fellows!

We’ve gone through some of the best seat covers for dog hair – although they aren’t designed to protect only from dog hair. Out of these, is there any we think deserves the title of best seat cover for pets?

The answer is… no.

We’ve got some totally different types of seat covers on our list. For example, how do you decide which is better between a seat cover for your car’s rear seat and another for the front seat? Especially when they’re manufactured by the same company, such a comparison may not be possible.

I mean, choosing the best seat cover for your pet is, at the end of the day, a highly specific decision. Depending on what you need from your seat cover, you’ll have your own idea of what makes a cover the best.

So, go through our options – all these covers are truly excellent – and pick the one you think is right for you.

You won’t be disappointed.

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