Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

We all love our furry little friends. Maybe you’re a dog person— it is great having a companion to play fetch with (although children also make great fetchers, this is generally for grabbing a soda from the fridge).

Maybe you like cats better—they’re strong, independent felines who don’t care what anybody thinks, and honestly, we should all aspire to be more like them. Whether you have a dog or cat, or some other hairy pet, no judgment here, no matter how much you love them, the fact is most breeds shed terribly, and their fur winds up covering the furniture and floors.

For this reason, you must invest in a quality vacuum. Consider what you will need, like whether you mind having a cord on your vacuum, types of attachments, and what flooring you have in your home.

The best vacuum cleaner for pet hair is out there, waiting to make your house fur-free. Here are the top ten:

Top Pet Hair Vacuums — Comparison Table

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Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair Reviews

1. Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

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If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to use, the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum is the vacuum for you. This vacuum is less than nine pounds and can convert to a handheld vacuum with a nozzle, making it possible to get to tight spaces around the house, like under the couch cushion, for example.

The Shark Rocket TruePet even has powerful LED lights on the hand vacuum and an extra-large capacity dust cup. It has advanced swivel steering, giving the user complete control while moving around the furniture.

As the name implies, this is an excellent vacuum for pet hair, with a pet multi-tool and the Hard Floor HeroTM, used to grab pet hair and other debris from any surface. Several reviewers boast about the ease of switching out the attachments.

One product reviewer owns a professional cleaning business and claims this vacuum is the best out there!

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The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has strong suction and is designed to work effectively on any surface, including carpet, tile, vinyl, and hardwood floors. This vacuum includes a turbine tool, able to suck up hair without it getting tangled up, stair tool, and combination tool with a bin that holds over half a gallon of debris.

This bin is not like other, less sanitary vacuums. Dyson designed this bin so that dumping the dirt is as easy and hygienic as pushing a button. The HEPA filtration system ensures all the bacteria and allergens in your house are captured, which should be especially helpful for anyone who has trouble breathing in their home or suffers from allergies.

The cord length is thirty-five feet; the average room is about 8x8 foot, so you’ll be able to reach quite a way before needing to unplug. When tested against similar vacuums in the upright market, this one proved to be the best out there!

Whether you are a pet owner or not, I highly recommend this product.

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Looking for a vacuum great for picking up pet hair? The Shark Rotator TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum includes a TruePet mini motorized brush, which was specifically designed to pull dirt, dust, and allergens from all surfaces, like upholstery, pillows, floors, and more.

This vacuum can be used on almost any flooring, including carpet, hardwood, or laminate, and will pick up all that surface debris that usually ends up stuck to your bare feet (yuck!). You’ll be able to walk around the house comfortably after using this vacuum; it may very well help you to breathe easier, too.

With anti-allergen complete seal technology and a HEPA filter, almost 100% of dust and allergens will be trapped. The vacuum has fingertip controls, making it easy to power on or off, and the ability to switch from hard floor to carpet mode; plus, the canister can be detached to clean areas that are harder to get to.

With swivel steering and an LED light, getting around and seeing under furniture is easier than ever.

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The Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum has powerful suction and several attachments to make cleaning the entire house a simple task. The suction system in this vacuum is multi-cyclonic, which makes it able to capture dirt and debris and keeps it in the bin, unlike some other designs that suck up dirt, then spit some back out.

This vacuum has a dirt sensor and multi-level filtration, further helping to reduce allergens and dust. The filter is washable, so no running to the store every few months to replace it just to have clean air.

The vacuum can be used on virtually any household surface, including hardwood, carpet, and laminate, and attachments help you get to all those other spots, like the stairs, upholstery, or between cushions.

The dusting brush can be used to pick up pet hair and dust from curtains, lampshades, and so on. The crevice tool was designed to get into the nooks and crannies, such as in your furniture or along the baseboards.

The turbo brush is great for carpeted stairs, upholstered surfaces, and more, with a mini rotating brush that works to grab dirt, debris, and pet hair as it rolls. The extension wand can be added to any of these tools to get to those high and low areas of the house.

The vacuum is lightweight and easy to push, but the bin can still hold up to 2 liters.

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Pet owners will quickly fall in love with having the iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum zooming around the house. Now, I’ll be honest, the Roomba is a little pricey, but it is so worth it! This robotic vacuum, with its high-efficiency filter, moves around on its own to suck up dirt, debris, dust, pet hair, allergens, and pollen as it goes.

It connects to your Wi-Fi and is compatible with Alexa or the Google Assistant. You can get your Roomba to clean from anywhere with just a few commands on the iRobot HOME application from your phone.

The robot maps its surroundings to ensure it is cleaning the entirety of your home. The multi-surface rubber brushes adjust and flex to remain to contact with the floor, whether a hard surface or carpet, at all times.

Now, of course, it will eventually need charging, but when the battery is low, the Roomba will cruise over to the charging station, then resume cleaning until the whole job is complete. One owner of the Roomba says they turn it on once every evening and are “amazed at all the pet hair” this little robot can pick up.

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Lightweight, at less than thirteen pounds, and easy to maneuver with swivel steering, the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum is ready to help you deep clean your home. This vacuum comes with several attachments that will help you to get to those normally hard-to-reach surfaces, like baseboards, stairs, furniture crevices, corners of the ceiling, and more.

While pushing around the house, the anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filter trap 99.9% of allergens and dust, helping to lessen the sniffles and sneezing, especially during allergy season.

The brush roll shutoff button will allow you to switch between carpeted areas and hard floors easier than ever, with the same amount of suction power. Users of this vacuum are impressed by its suction power, comparing it to other highly regarded name brands, like Dyson.

Users also seem to love how light the vacuum is; while at first skeptical about how easy it is to pick up and move around, they quickly realize this does not affect its impressive suction power.

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This handheld vacuum was specifically designed to pick up the pet hair shed around your house. The contoured nozzle of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is made with a flexible rubber.

This type of nozzle is perfect for sucking up dirt, pet hair, and other small debris from places like upholstery or stairs. There is also a hard nozzle included, for dry messes or for cleaning up inside your car. It is easy to switch between nozzles with just the touch of a button.

Because it is handheld, Bissell was sure to keep it light and small, but still just as powerful as you’d expect from this brand. This vacuum is less than four pounds but can hold plenty of dirt in its canister.

The cord is sixteen feet so that you can get multiple areas cleaned before having to switch to a new plug. Other features include a comfortable handle that is easy to grip, a fingertip-access power switch, and a filter screen. To get the most out of this vacuum, empty after each use.

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Looking for a robotic vacuum more affordable than other models, but with comparable power? Look no further than the ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum. This is a wonderful vacuum for pet hair, with special technology that focuses on picking up hair, dirt, and debris.

It is compact, making cleaning under the bed or sofa possible. With modern design, this vacuum is best for modern homes that have tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring as opposed to carpet.

The robot can be put on a programmed schedule and has smart sensors to avoid bumping into walls and furniture (but just in case it does, there are bumpers to prevent damage to the vacuum or what it bumps into).

It can be set to four different modes, including programming mode, automatic mode, point mode, and edge mode. This little robot will return to its charging base when it is running low on battery. For best use, replace its filter each month and empty the dirt container after each use.

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Bissell has done it again—known for quality, this brand has designed the PowerGlide Pet Hair Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with your furry friend in mind. This vacuum is good for area rugs, bare floors, carpet, hard floors, low pile carpet, stairs, upholstery, and even pet beds!

The smart seal allergen system will grab dust and allergens from your home, and the edge-to-edge suction optimizes the vacuum’s power. There is an optional Febreze pet odor eliminating filter you may insert in this vacuum to get rid of the smells that come along with owning a pet.

This filter is washable, but it is recommended you replace it every three to six months because it does eventually lose its smell. The Pet TurboEraser tool agitates and lift dirt from surfaces, then sucks it all up.

This tool was designed so that longer hair is less likely to wrap around the brush roll. The crevice tool was made for cleaning in tight spaces you can’t get to with the regular vacuum. There is also an extension wand attachment when you need to get to lower or higher areas.

Dog hair, cat hair, and even human hair (we’re all animals, at the end of the day!) can be taken care of with the Bissell PowerGlide.

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Last, but not least, the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a great vacuum for pet owners. Starting with its swivel steering and its automatic cord wind, these features make getting around furniture while vacuuming, and storing the vacuum again after you’re done, easy to do. The Bissell Cleanview has edge-to-edge suction, with bristles across the length, so that you are not having to go over the same spots more than once. The vacuum also includes scatter-free technology. Gone are the days of attempting to vacuum a dry mess and, instead of the dirt being sucked up, spreading further across the room. Specialized attachments are included with your purchase, such as the pet hair corner tool and pet turbo eraser tool. The corner tool helps you reach into the corners of the room to grab the debris that ends up getting caught there, and the turbo eraser will work to catch fur in those other hard-to-reach areas. One consumer has been failed by other vacuums in the past that advertise as able to suck up pet hair, but she was pleasantly surprised when she found this one actually did work, even with two German Shepherds!

Final Thoughts

While shopping for the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, consider the features you feel will make your life easier. Think about things like whether you are looking for something with or without a cord, types of attachments you want, and what flooring you have in your home.

There are many options on the market to choose from now. Do you want a push vacuum or a robot that guides itself? Would you like an attachment to reach high up places?

Whatever your preferences are, after looking through the vacuums on this list, you will be able to find the perfect one for you and your family, human and otherwise.

If pet hair in your car is an issue for you, make sure you check out our article on the best seat covers for pet hair!

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