What’s the Best Waterproof/Water Resistant Dog Bed?

Do you know why the dog and human friendship is such a success? I’ll tell you why; humans and canines both love their creature comforts. After running around, doing chores, going to work and, of course, playing with your dog, the only place you would love to crawl is into your comfy bed, right?

Well, dogs might not have as many things to do as humans, but they sure run around and tire themselves out a lot. Don’t you think they need a good bed too? Excluding those of us who let our dogs sneak into bed with us, we dog owners have had trouble with our furry friends going and sleeping in unexpected places, leaving dog hair all over our favorite sofa!

We love to sleep in and curl up in our comfy beds, so why begrudge our furry friends their creature comforts?

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Recently dog beds have become extremely popular, with new and improved versions of comfortable beds for dogs available in the market. One of the most exciting new dog bed creations is the waterproof dog bed. Truly lifesaving creations, these water resistant dog beds are all the rage these days.

Efficient as well as trendy, these waterproof dog beds are a must have for dog owners who are sick and tired of dog slobber everywhere. It’s hard for people new to dog bed buying to get a grip on which waterproof ones are best for their dog’s needs, so we’ve lined up a review of the best ones for you to scroll through.

Take a look!

Best-Rated Waterproof Dog Beds

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Give your pet a comfy place to take a nap with the BRINDLE Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed. This bed is heavenly comfort with four layers - that’s right, four full inches of foam. It features a superior double layer of high-density support foam that is even ideal for dogs with painful joints.

It comes with two additional inches of orthopedic memory foam on top, which will move with your pet’s movements and eliminate any pressure points. The meat of the matter is the waterproof inner layer, a high-quality creation.

This water resistant dog bed will stay dry even on the days your dog is feeling messy. This designer pet bed comes in appealing designs and shades to help match you match your pet bed with your room décor.

Don’t you hate un-washable covers? Well, fear not because this bed has an easy to maintain washable cover, ensuring less work and more lay with your dog.

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This excellent water-resistant dog bed is available in several colors to allow you to select the option that fits best into your living room. Six available sizes also let you choose the best bet for your dog’s size, and The Dog’s Bed makes this selection much easier by providing accurate measurements and infographics.

The bed’s outer cover is made from Oxford fabric enhanced with a waterproof coating. Oxford fabric resists daily abrasions and common chemical agents, making it perfect for a dog bed. The material also maintains its appearance after washing it.

The bed’s waterproof nature allows you to spot clean it or wipe it clean.

The bed’s interior is made from solid foam for body support. This foam is surrounded by a soft pillow where your dog can rest your head. This pillow is removable if, for whatever reason, you decide your dog doesn’t need it.

The Dog’s Bed is manufactured with your dog’s health and wellbeing in mind, and the company has avoided using potential choking hazards in the bed’s construction.

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The PerFusion Ultimate is one of the best water-resistant dog beds you can buy. It is available in four different sizes and is made from premium components to give your dog the most comfort possible. The bed is made from a 2.5-inch solid memory foam base that provides personalized support, minimizes joint pain, and maximizes comfort, health, and overall mobility.

Next come the bolsters, which are filled using recycled polyfill and generously packed. Finally, you get a twill that is a mixture of polyester and cotton.

The bed’s water-resistant cover prevents liquids from leaching into the bed’s interior, making it extremely easy to wipe down and clean. If, over time, your cover tears or gathers enough stains to render itself unusable, you can always get replacement covers separately. The cover is also machine washable, so you can always remove it and clean it separately if it gets too dirty for spot cleaning.

The bed’s base is non-slip, which also helps maintain cleanliness by preventing your dog from dragging it around.

The PetFusion dog bed also passes stricter European safety standards, ensuring that your dog will never be at any risk while using this bed.

Finally, PetFusion provides a 2-year warranty on any part that may break due to a manufacturer defect. This warranty doesn’t cover every situation, but it does give some peace of mind to aspiring buyers.

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If you are looking for an excellent water-resistant and orthopedic bed, the JOYELF pet bed is one of the best choices you can make. Available in three sizes, this dog bed features high-quality components to offer an excellent end-product that your dog will be sure to love.

A solid memory foam base provides soft support that will customize itself to fit your dog’s body. This memory foam is also flame retardant, in case you’re the clumsiest human on the planet and end up throwing a lit match into your pet bed.

The bed’s base is made out of a non-slip rubber material that is also waterproof. Its inner surface also has a waterproof cover, which you will find very helpful if you own an old dog who may be prone to ‘accidents.’

The bed’s base is extended using soft, cotton-filled bolsters that provides comfort and allows your dog to relax without fatiguing their neck.

The bed features a removable cover, with its zip hidden under the bolsters. This cover can be machine-washed, taking a lot of hassle out of cleaning the bed. While you can tumble dry the bed, JOYELF doesn’t recommend this and prefers you line dry.

The company also offers gifts in the form of bone-shaped squeaking toys with each purchase.

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K&H’s elevated pet bed provides a comfortable, cool, and dry resting place for your dog. This elevated pet bed is made from 600 Denier fabric, which is water resistant and designed for durability. The bed supports dogs weighing up to 150lbs.

The bed’s mesh center allows air circulation, providing extra comfort for your dog on hot summer days. This extra breathability prevents mold and mildew from building up, and the bed’s elevation makes it more comfortable for pets who have joint problems and suffer from pain when lying on the hard ground.

You can clean the bed easily by wiping it or even hosing it down and letting it dry.

The bed’s rubber feet at non-skid, ensuring that your dog can’t drag the bed around or shift it by vigorously rocking it (although why your dog is vigorously rocking its bed remains a mystery).

The bed ships almost completely assembled, and you can perform the remaining steps for assembly without any tools. K&H also provides a 1-year limited warranty on the cot. The company also offers a separate canopy if you want extra shade for your pet and replacement covers in different styles.

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Our second product from The Dog’s Bed, this waterproof dog bed will ensure your dog is as comfortable as can be. Available in three sizes, the XL option provides significant leg (body?) room for your dog to lounge around.

The bed consists of a two-inch base filled with premium foam and a further two inches of orthopedic memory foam. The luxurious support foam provides uniform support while the medical-grade memory foam offers comfort from joint pain, arthritis, and other bodily issues that may be exacerbated by them laying on the ground.

The bed is also equipped with bolsters your dog can lay their neck on when sleeping.

The bed has two covers, a waterproof inner cover and an outer cover made from Oxford fabric. The waterproof inner cover protects the beds from ‘accidents’ that elderly or sick dogs may experience.

You can remove and wash both covers, and The Dog’s Bed recommends you wash them by hand or using a gentle wash cycle to prevent wear and tear. The outer fabric is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, and you can always get a replacement cover if you think your cover has gone through too much and cannot handle any more.

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Is your dog choosy about his bed, making as much a mess as a bunch of four-year-olds ramped up on chocolate? Then the best bed for him is the Scruffs Expedition Water Resistant Box Bed for Pets.

It is conveniently box shaped for the playful dog who likes to hide inside and pretend to be in a mini kennel. With a lot of room to roll around in, the box bed is a comfortable cave for your pet to play, nap and sleep in.

Made with heavy duty durable fabric, these beds are a favorite of adventure-loving dogs who like to trek around and get muddy and wet. The backing of the box bed is covered with a waterproof cover which prevents liquids from entering.

If your dog loves going on wild expeditions, then this is definitely the ideal dog bed for him. It comes in a multitude of sizes and four exciting colors.

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Got a messy, energetic dog who doesn’t understand the word no? Well, we’ve got a great solution for you! Get your dog the Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a giant breed because the Millard premium has top quality memory foam certified by CertiPUR-US® that will mold to your dog as he sleeps giving him the ultimate comfort.

Don’t worry if your dog is aging or even has a joint problem; it is certified to achieve maximum comfort and alleviate the pain of aching joints or hip dysplasia. This bed will stay in place even when your dog wants to play around and frolic on top of it because it features a non-slip bottom, ensuring superior grip.

Easy to maintain, the bed is washable and is an antimicrobial pet bed, so dirt and germs will stay away from your dog and your home.

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Durable, reliable and washable, the Petsbao Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed & Lounge with Solid Memory Foam is the practical solution for all your messy pet bed problems.

This pet bed provides extreme comfort to your pet’s aching bones and joints with orthopedic memory foam, molding to the contours of your pet’s body. Not high maintenance, this bed features a waterproof lining on the outside and a memory foam water-resistant inner lining that makes it sustainable and dog-friendly.

The memory foam dog bed is extremely durable and will not turn into a mess after one wash. It has an expertly stitched covering and special zippers that will stay true to the test of time. This bed also comes in a range of three colors and has a modern, sleek look that will blend in effortlessly with your home décor.

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If you prefer your pet sleeping in luxury and comfort, you may want to consider the SportPet Designs Luxury pet bed. This waterproof sofa pet bed is one of the most comfortable you will find in our list, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

This sofa pet bed is an excellent choice for dogs of any age. The bed’s sleeping surface is shaggy and soft to enhance your pet’s comfort. It is also durable and will last for several years without losing its plushness.

The bed is filled with high-density foam, which provides significant support for pets. Older pets and those with joint or other orthopedic problems will especially appreciate it. It is not very bulky either, and you can always throw it into your car trunk if you plan to travel with your pet.

The bed is also equipped with a waterproof lining that will protect it from accidents and minor spills. Its cover can be removed and tossed into the washing machine for a quick wash. You do not have to worry about the cover wearing down since it is 100% machine washable.

Final Verdict

These waterproof beds are suitable for all kinds of dogs from the crazy wild-child dog who loves getting dirty and going on wild animal chasing expeditions to the one who just loves to nap and dream about chasing squirrels.

Practical things to remember when getting any pet bed include sizing your dog and analyzing his needs and what he’d like to sleep in. Looking at reliability, brands, affordability, and durability are all important, but getting one your dog is comfortable in is a more important factor because he will be sleeping in it and not you.

If you haven’t got a waterproof dog bed for your canine as yet, you need to get one now.

Happy shopping!

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