5 Best Wet Cat Foods for Older/Senior Cats

If you are a cat owner, you may notice that your aging feline seems to be not getting older as he still looks young and remains as agile as ever. The truth is, cats face the same predicaments as humans as they grow older.

This means they also experience a decline in activity level, thus, a need for them to be fed with the best wet cat food for senior cats to meet their nutritional requirements as they age.

In this article, we review five of the best wet cat foods for older cats on the market today. These products are carefully formulated to meet the dietary and nutritional requirements of your aging pet.

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Best Wet Cat Food for Older Cats Reviews

1.  Hartz Delectables Stew Senior 10+ Lickable Cat Treat

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This cat food was carefully formulated by Hartz to meet the nutritional needs of cats that are at least 10 years old. The company used meticulously chosen succulent chicken and tuna shreds to produce a product that cats will surely enjoy.

To ensure that your feline cannot resist the treats, the company mixed the shreds into a smooth and hearty sauce your pet will surely can’t stop eating once she tastes it.

The product contains the right amount of vitamins E and B to make sure that your furry companion will get the appropriate nutrition as he gets older. The cat food comes in a carefully designed pouch packaging that allows you to feed your pet with ease.

The product is also offered in three flavors: stew, bisque, and chowder.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Healthy Cuisine Cat Food 

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Considered one of the best wet cat foods for older cats to buy, this product from Hill’s Science Diet provides balanced nutrition to help maintain the health of the vital organs and kidneys of older felines.

Made with easily digestible natural ingredients, this cat food also contains high-quality protein to help your pet in maintaining lean muscle mass.

This product is proven to boost your cat’s immune system because it contains antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and E. It can also be used as a dry topper to add variety to your pet’s meal and can be fed as a full meal. 

3.  Nutro Senior Cat Food

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This cat food from Nutro is manufactured with real chicken, cod, or tuna as its main ingredient. Nutro is a popular cat food brand with an excellent reputation in the industry. The product features a savory, lap-able, and smooth texture that makes it enticing for cats to eat.

It’s specially formulated for older cats and comes in a variety pack so your cat doesn’t get tired of eating the same food day after day.

This zero-percent grain product is reasonably priced on Amazon and is perfect for your senior cat's sensitive stomach. It should also be safe for indoor cats with food allergies, making sure that feline health doesn't have to be something you constantly worry about.

4.  Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Indoor Mature Canned Cat Food

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This product from Blue Buffalo is considered one of the best wet cat foods for senior cats on the market due to its popularity among pet owners. This protein-rich cat food contains real chicken meat as its main ingredient.

It also includes cranberries to help maintain the health of your cat’s urinary tract and prevent kidney diseases like acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.

This cat food contains a right blend of beneficial natural dietary fibers that helps eliminate hairballs through the digestion process. Hairballs could be dangerous to your cat because they can induce life-threatening blockage of the animal’s throat.

The fibers also help minimize bad odor from your pet’s litter box. The product is claimed to be totally free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

5.  Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult 11+ Canned Cat Food

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Made from real salmon and tuna, this wet cat food from Purina Plan is meticulously formulated to meet the special needs of the digestive systems of older cat ages 11 years and above. The product also contains other high-quality ingredients like crude protein, crude fiber, and vitamin E supplement to supply sufficient nutrition to your aging pet.

Each serving of this cat food contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as taurine and amino acid to make sure that your beloved fur companion will get the nutrition he/she needs to maintain excellent overall health and wellness. The product is safely packed in a pull-top can for easy opening and effortless feeding of your cat.

Final Thoughts

Various health issues may affect your cat’s appetite for food as he gets older. Although these are expected for aging animals, you should still take extra efforts to help your feline in protecting himself against diseases and ailments that come with age to add more years into his life and for you to enjoy his company longer.

By feeding her the best wet cat food for senior cats available on the market like the products we’ve just reviewed, you can be assured she is receiving the right nutrition and dietary supplements that are needed to maintain her health in tip-top condition.

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