Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? Causes of Coprophagia

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Dogs are wonderful creatures. They’ll face every situation with unflinching loyalty to you and will rarely leave your side when you’re in trouble. They are lovely bundles of fur that will play with you when you’re happy and comfort you when you’re sad. Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. However, if you don’t train … Read more

10 of the Most Comfortable Dog Harnesses

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Our family dog Yuri and I love going on walks together. There’s nothing more relaxing than ending the day with a pleasant stroll, a game of fetch, and belly rubs. While out, I would sometimes see dog owners pulling on the leash of a tiny chihuahua and the small creature is clearly uncomfortable. It would … Read more

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

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 We all love our furry little friends. Maybe you’re a dog person— it is great having a companion to play fetch with (although children also make great fetchers, this is generally for grabbing a soda from the fridge). Maybe you like cats better—they’re strong, independent felines who don’t care what anybody thinks, and honestly, we should … Read more

Find the Best Cooling Dog Beds for Your Favorite Furry Friends

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Where can you find the best cooling dog bed on the market? We’ll show you the best cooling ones here! The summertime can be especially harsh for our furry little friends, especially because of their coats.Even with a thin coat, they can still get extremely hot depending on your local climate. Panting is a self-cooling method … Read more