Looking for the Best Outdoor Cat Bed for Your Feline Friend?

An outdoor cat bed is an essential purchase if you have a cat, or multiple cats, living primarily outside. Cats are perfectly capable of living outside, but it also leaves them vulnerable to predators and extreme weather conditions. If this describes your cat, and you want to provide him with some protection from both of these things, a proper bed and/or little house is just the thing you need.

While shade is easy to find in the summer, you should be most worried about keeping your kitty warm in the winter. The easiest solution here is to provide a nice, cozy, heated cat bed that is specifically designed to be outside so that the bed itself can withstand both extreme temperatures and precipitation.

If you have a cat that does live indoors but spends a lot of time outside, an outside bed will help them out during those freezing cold winter months too. If they are not spending their nights outside, though, a simple heated bed or outdoor cat heating pad is probably sufficient. For the best all-around solution, click here to purchase a great heated cat bed that is both comfortable and stylish!

For some other options, here are 10 of the best outdoor cat beds.

Best Beds for Your Outdoor Cat

1. K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House


This bed is a great choice because you can get it either heated or non-heated, which makes it very versatile.

The heated version uses only 20 watts, and both are water-resistant for worry-free use outdoors. It features two protected exits so your pets won’t be trapped by any other animal or predator that might be after them. It’s a convenient purchase too, since no tools are required for assembly.

Water-resistant may not mean completely waterproof, though, so that is something to consider. Some customers have found the inside getting wet during heavy rains.

This is a great option, perhaps, if you’re looking for a cute kitty house for an indoor cat with outdoor access.


A great bed for all four seasons, your outdoor kitty will really love this versatile and comfortable outdoor pet bed for cats!

The base is ventilated to help prevent water or dirt from building up. This will help keep it cool in summer as well, but the warm cushion will keep it cozy in the winter. It is made from very durable plastic, which means rain can’t wreck it and it’s easy to clean!

It will comfortably hold up to 17 pounds, so it may not be suitable for larger pets. The cushion’s material is a little thin, so it might require careful washing.

Overall, it is a great bed for an outdoor cat who wants to be comfortable year round!


This one is an excellent choice for a cat who lives indoors but spends lots of his time outside. Particularly in the winter, this heated cat pad will keep her cozy.

The thermal design will keep your cat warm without having to use electricity, and it is very conveniently machine washable. The heat can help soothe sore muscles or joints on sick or aging cats, and the leopard print will be a cute little addition to your back porch.

This is not a good choice for protection if your cat is outside full-time. Though it would be a nice addition for her, she will also need a more protective bed or house.


Another great product from K&H, this outdoor heated cat bed for cats is ideal for any cat spending time outdoors, whether they live out there or not.

The floor is heated and will warm to your pet’s natural body temperature when he sits or lies down on it. It is easy to assemble and large enough for any cat. The rugged exterior is durable and suitable for use just about anywhere your cat may like to sleep or hang out.

This shelter has only one entrance/exit, so it should probably be placed somewhere that is not accessible by potential predators.

It is a great choice for use in areas where extreme temperatures may pose an issue to your outdoor kitty.


Another great outdoor heating pad for cats, this one is made from incredibly soft foam and will be both warm and very comfortable for your cat.

This heating pad is thermostatically controlled and will adjust to your cat's own body temperature when she is using it. It uses only 20 watts, so it is a very safe choice. It is ideal for any covered outdoor areas that your cat likes to chill in.

An excellent way to keep your cat warm while they have some fun outdoors in chillier weather, it should not be placed anywhere that is not protected. This does come with a free fleece cover to provide even more softness for your kitty.


You really can’t go wrong with a bed that is this versatile! The bed has a removable, zip top that can be used to switch back and forth between a bed and a pod in just a few seconds.

The removable top makes this bed suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A simple bed indoors, it can be transformed into something a little warmer and protective for use outside. While it may protect against weather conditions, it should still be placed somewhere safe so your cat will be protected from predators.

Versatile, modern, and stylish, this is an awesome choice for cats of all sizes, living indoors or out.


A heated outdoor cat bed with a very unique look, this A-shaped cat house will add a bit of style to your backyard or your deck and will keep your cat protected and warm!

The heater uses 40 watts, and the bed is made from very durable fabric. It won’t be ruined by rain or snow. It cleans up easily with the removable cover being machine washable, making it easy to put back together again. It's perfect for use both indoors and out.

The doors on this house do attach with Velcro so they will be susceptible to wear and tear over time. Despite that, it will work very well for keeping your kitty cozy and warm during the winter, wherever he likes to sleep.


This is a great heated bed for outdoor cats and can be placed in areas they like to spend time, such as your garage, shed, or barn.

This pad features an internal thermostat which will automatically regulate its temperature to around 102 degrees F. The pad is weather-ready, sealing the components inside to protect against moisture. It would be a great pad to place inside a larger pet house with no heating, and the 6-foot-long cord will make for an easy reach to a power outlet.

The pad is plastic, so it may not be the softest sleeping surface. Using a blanket or some type of cover might make your pet a little more comfortable.


Most cats can sit and stare out a window for hours. It only makes sense, then, to give them a nice comfy place to do so. This cat perch easily attaches to your window to provide endless hours of comfy window staring.

It mounts on your window using pretty big suction cups, and the support cables are stainless steel, made to last for a very long time. This perch is Humane Society-approved and cleans easily with soap and water.

Your cat will enjoy endless hours of his favorite activity while staying snug and comfy at the same time!


As much as we want to focus on keeping our outdoor cats warm in the winter, they need to be able to stay cool in the summer as well. This elevated cooling bed makes that easier than ever.

The bed is elevated a good 7 inches off the ground and is made from a breathable mesh fabric, which will keep your cat nice and cool by allowing air to flow effortlessly. The fabric is also machine washable for easy cleaning and can hold a maximum weight of 90 pounds. It's good for any cat, and even some small dogs as well!

Keeping your cat cool in the summer is just as important as making sure she's warm in the winter, and this elevated pet bed is definitely the way to go.

Build Your Own Outdoor Cat House!

If you’re one of the DIY types who loves a project, check out this video on how to build your own winter cat house. Felix will definitely thank you!

Final Thoughts

Outdoor cat beds for cold weather need to be durable, warm, and of good quality to keep your cat safe outside. If an indoor cat bed doesn’t end up meeting your requirements or your cat doesn’t like it, it’s unfortunate, but not the end of the world. It is easy to return, discard, or replace without too much worry or fuss.

However, if an outdoor bed that is meant to keep your cat warm and protected doesn’t do as intended, it can actually become dangerous for your cat. Cold weather and predators will always be an issue for your outdoor cat, and they need to have a safe, warm place to retreat to.

The FrontPet 40 Watt Canvas Heated A-Frame Cat House is a good all-around house that has received excellent reviews from some very happy customers. It will keep your cat pretty warm while offering some protection and it looks great as well! Easy to wash, easy to assemble, and easy to love, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

That being said, the others that have been reviewed here are also excellent choices, all pertaining to different needs of indoor and outdoor cats alike.

What's your favorite outdoor cat bed?​

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