10 of the Most Comfortable Dog Harnesses

Our family dog Yuri and I love going on walks together. There’s nothing more relaxing than ending the day with a pleasant stroll, a game of fetch, and belly rubs.

While out, I would sometimes see dog owners pulling on the leash of a tiny chihuahua and the small creature is clearly uncomfortable. It would look like their necks were about to break from all the tugging. It gave me the idea that it would be nice to get Yuri a heavy-duty walking harness with a snug fit so that she won’t have to endure the pain of being yanked around by the neck.

It turns out that there are so many benefits in buying a harness for your dog. If you’re looking to get your furry friend an excellent harness, I’ve found some of the best. Here’s a quick look at the top 10:

Top-Rated Dog Harnesses – Comparison Table

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Reviews of the 10 Most Comfortable Dog Harnesses to Buy

1. WINSEE Dog Harness           

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Any pupper would look extra snazzy in the WINSEE Dog Harness. With its eye-catching design, this walking harness is built for an active dog who loves going on hikes, outdoor runs, and regular strolls around the neighborhood.

The reflective material on this harness will ensure your pup is visible at night. Meanwhile, the chest-mounted D-ring distributes pressure for optimal comfort.

You can say goodbye to chaotic car rides too by slipping a seatbelt through the built-in handle on the harness.

Special features:

  • High-density 1680D Oxford fabric that resists chewing with a breathable mesh exterior
  • No-pull front D-Ring and back D-Ring
  • Reflective material
  • Broad-padded chest component for comfort
  • Adjustable & customizable neck and chest fit

2. Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

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After seeing that poor chihuahua’s neck, the Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness seems like the best choice to get pressure off of your dog’s neck. This harness can prevent possible injury to your dog’s neck, spine, and windpipe. It can also be a useful teaching tool for your dog not to pull.

The harness from Chai’s choice is also an excellent buy for handicapped dogs or those recovering from injury.          

Special features:

  • Durable, scratch-resistant oxford fabric
  • Nylon webbing with 3M reflective material, which increases visibility
  • Lightweight mesh lining with soft sponge padding in the chest and belly area

3. EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness

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The EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness is a heavy-duty harness made for big breeds. Happy, active, and excited good boys (or girls) can be quite a handful. However, with the EXPAWLORER Big Dog‘s sizable buckle closure and heavy-duty metal D-rings, you can be sure of a secure fit.

It may be a small feature, but that rubber handle on the back of the harness is great for keeping your dog close or if you need to grab them quickly. It will also be a comfortable fit with the harness’ soft and breathable material.

For visibility, the harness has reflective straps as well.

Special features:

  • Rubber handle on the back of the harness
  • Quick-release buckles for easy on and off
  • Heavy-duty hardware  

4. Unho Dog Body Harness

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Unless you’ve got a teacup breed, your pup will grow over time with occasional weight fluctuations. With the Unho Dog Body Harness, you can easily adjust the fit if your dog gains or loses weight. It also allows your dog much more security than the standard harness due to its snug fit, which ensures the harness will last for many years.

Special features:

  • Easy put on and quickly snaps in place
  • No complicated sizing and adjustments
  • A well-built handle on the top and lays flat when not in use
  • Wide sizing range

5. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

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With its specialized no-pull design, the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness gives you better control of your dog. When you attach the leash to the front clip, your dog will be turned around instead of moving forward when it tries to pull – perfect for training. It also has a snug fit that is comfortable for your dog, especially when out on walks.

This is an excellent harness for medium to large dog breeds.

Special features:

  • No-pull and no-choke design with two metal leash rings for safer adventures
  • Easy to use and hassle-free wear
  • 4 quick-adjust straps around the body

6. EcoBark Max Comfort and Control Dog Harness

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It’s typical for harnesses to have soft and comfortable fabrics. However, the EcoBark Max Comfort and Control Dog Harness takes it a little further. The mesh lining on this harness is extra soft without compromising a secure and snug fit. It also sports double-stitched reinforced anchor hook and non-breakaway quick-release clasps

The harness is made from ROSH tested, non-toxic meshing and nature-friendly strappings made of recycled materials.

Special features:

  • Various color options
  • Breathable and flexible material with extra plush piping around the neck opening

7. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

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The Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness is made for an adventurous pair. This all-weather harness will ensure enjoyable and comfortable adventures come sun, snow, or rain. The mesh material is breathable for hot days while providing insulation for cold days.

It’s vest-like design and multiple colorways will also ensure you’ve got the most stylish pupper.

Special features:

  • Non-irritating material for all-day wear
  • Strong velcro closure
  • Multiple colorways

8. Kurgo Dog Walking Harness

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Unlike the harness from Voyager, the Kurgo Dog Walking Harness is more on the practical size. It will keep the most active dogs behaved and secure whether you’re out on walks or traveling by car. The multiple clasps also make it easy to put on or take off.

The Kurgo Dog harness features five different size adjustments and could provide a more custom fit.

Special features:

  • Five easy adjustable points and Weinerlock plastic quick-release buckles
  • Comes with a 10-inch dog seat tether and short leash for training.

9. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

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If you’d prefer more straightforward harness, they check out the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. Despite its seemingly simple design, this harness also helps train your dog against pulling while on walks. It’s no surprise then that many vets and trainers recommend this harness. Meanwhile, the front chest leash attachment helps you steer your dog while also distributing pressure evenly.

Special features:

  • Stops light to moderate pulling
  • Quick-snap shoulder and belly straps
  • 1-year chew damage replacement
  • U.S. based customer care

10. Sporn Dog Harness

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Last but not the least, the Sporn Dog Harness is part of the training legacy of the 1992 Original Sporn Halter If you’ve got a medium-sized heavy puller, this is the harness for you. When pulling occurs, the padded Sherpa sleeves will tighten and apply gentle pressure on the dogs front legs.

Special features:

  • Weatherproof
  • Offers total control without compromising comfort
  • Designed for maximum control
  • Flexible mesh padding

Guide for Buying the Best Walking Harness

Choosing the right walking harness for your dog can be a difficult task. With so many options, colors, and sizes, it can be a challenge to choose just one. To make things easier, here is a guide to help decide.

Before buying a harness, here are the things you can consider activity, the type of harness, harness details, and fit.


What type of activities do you have planned for you adventurous puppy? Ask yourself, will there be hiking involved, swimming (which means maybe needing a harness that easy to lift out of water), or just an everyday stroll?

Best Dog Harness Reviews

Will your dog need a customized harness that dries quickly and would support his weight? Do you plan to take your dog on a long road trip? You’ll need a harness that would also act like a seatbelt during car rides.

Types of Harness

Don’t make the common mistake of buying harnesses without doing research on them. Many would get a cheap product that looks nice but doesn’t support your dog’s needs. There are many people who’ve wasted money with their collection of ill-fitting dog wear that their pets won’t ever use.

There are five types of walking harness:

1. The Vest Harness

For dogs who are non-pullers, the vest harness has a snug fit that would feel like a comfortable piece of clothing and would prevent chafing under the dog’s armpits.

2. Back Clip Harness

A back clip harness with a D-ring attachment is what many think of when you ask them about harnesses. The D-ring is located at the back of the harness, keeping it away from delicate throats will still provide a snug fit. However, the back clip harness does little for pulling.

3. Front Clip Harness

Front clip harnesses are designed explicitly for pullers and can help discourage heavy pullers without discomfort or pain. Most professionals and owners with big breeds prefer this type of harness for the control it gives them over their enthusiastic and sometimes rebellious pets.

A downside is that there will be higher chances of the harness tangling between your dog’s legs.  

4. Dual Clip Harness

Having front and back clips is like having the best of both worlds. Back clips would be useful for keeping our dogs safe in the car, while the front clip would be useful for keeping our dogs safe while walking. However, the webbed design can cause some chafing, depending on your dog’s frame. This type of harness is, naturally, the more expensive than the sole front or back clip harness.

5. Head Halter

A head halter is a good option for large and strong dogs; dogs being walked by children or the elderly; or dogs who don’t benefit from the anti-pull harness. It slides over the nose, goes behind the ears, and attaches a leash beneath the chin. It works on the same principle as a horse halter, giving your firmer control over the most sensitive part of the dog’s body.


The devil is in the details. Look at the dimensions, material, and reviews about the type of harness you are considering.

  • Think of the fabric- like quick dry, padded, and preferably sturdy.
  • Check how adjustable the harness is and which areas can it be adjusted. The more points that can be adjusted, the more comfortable it’ll be for your dog.
  • Find out how sturdy the harness is and be sure it would fit the purpose that you intended it for. If it’s for car use, then find out if it has been crash-tested. If it’ll be used for swimming, then it should have strong attachment points.
Most Comfortable Dog Harness

If you are looking for a simple everyday use harness, then maybe you should look at comfort and reliability, and something that could prevent your puppy from pulling.


Ensure that you measure your dog correctly before buying the harness. Remember, when measuring your pooch, the measuring tape must be a snug fit. There are so many types of harnesses, and each has different sizes and measurements, so make sure you get accurate measurements.

You also have to check the neck, girth, and chest area. These have all specific measurements. If your puppy is not an exact size you can find on the chart, always go for the bigger size and adjust the harness using the straps.

Additional Factors to Consider

Pressure on the Neck/Throat

Pressure on the dog’s windpipe can cause damage, constricted blood vessels, and increased eye pressure. Be on the lookout for how close the harness is to the throat.

Owner Control

Find out how much control you have when your dog starts to pull and lunge. This is essential for your dog’s safety and health


Look for easy adjustability and accessibility. It should be available in various sizes and have quickly adjustable straps and snug fit for your dog’s safety.

Durability of Materials

Some dogs love to chew on their harness. Others put constant tension on their leash attachment points. Thus, make sure the harness can survive, not just the weather, but also your pooch.


A great harness shouldn’t need any special products or to be taken to the laundry shop for dry cleaning.

Ease of Movement for Dogs

Your dog should be able to move around naturally.

Movement on the Dog’s Body

The harness should have a firm and secure hold without loosening or twisting while it’s being worn by your dog.

Best Most Comfortable Dog Harness Reviews

Typical Problems

Before choosing a harness, these are some typical problems I found out I will have to deal with.

Store-bought harnesses are usually unpadded and made of cheap nylon fabric that does not feel comfortable for your dog.

The harness itself could cause chafing and irritation in and around the armpit area.

The material of the harness isn’t made for strenuous activities like biking, jogging, or going through obstacles.

If the harness isn’t a snug fit, your dog can easily escape from it.

Final Thoughts

Looking at these top 10 most comfortable dog harness, I think the crucial point is finding the harness that will be comfortable for your dog at an affordable price. I appreciate that these manufacturers were able to consider the well-being of the dogs, as well as the owner’s convenience.

There you have it.

By following these steps carefully, doing your research, and measuring your dog, you can properly choose the right harness for your best friend.

Finally, it’s time to put that dog’s harness on and get some steps in!

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