Which Outdoor Cat House to Buy

We all see those super cute cat houses for the indoor kitties, but what about our furry feline friends that live outside? They deserve a snuggly place to keep warm too, don’t they? I couldn’t agree more!

Keeping that in mind, here is a list of ten of the best outdoor cat houses you can buy for your little outdoor companion. These are listed in no particular order or price range, and hopefully, they will spark your interest or give you an idea of what you want for your cat!

10 of the Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Petnation Port A Crate E2 Indooroutdoor Pet Home

Not only is this crate a good option for outdoor pets, but it is also designed for indoors too! It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 inches all the way up to 36 inches. Of course, each size has a different price point.

The Port-A-Crate is lightweight and portable, perfect for those who don’t want the kitty house to be a permanent fixture in any one spot, and it fits cats up to 15 pounds. It includes a carrying strap as well; those who travel will appreciate that! It folds down when not in use.

This outdoor cat home is made of mesh, so you may want to line it with something warm if you are leaving it outside in the winter.

Kh Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Kitty House

A more permanent home for outdoor cats, this outdoor heated kitty house offers heating as well as comfort! It comes in a variety of colors and has a beautiful, classic design, so it won’t look out of place. If you live in a warm climate, this company does offer an unheated style as well. The house is patented and made from weatherproof, high quality, and durable materials.

The heating element will keep cats warm, even in subzero temperatures! The electrical components have also met all US and Canadian standards for electricity.

The Kitty Tube Outdoor Insulated Cat House

A less traditional look, this modern design would look great as pictured on Amazon with landscaping pots and different yard décor. It is ideal for those who want to give your pet a warm place to relax, without it looking like an actual cat house.

The Kitty Tube houses up to 3 cats and is fully insulated. Instead of using a plush cat bed inside, you use hay for this cat house. It has a clear door to keep the elements out as well, so you don’t have to worry about the straw getting wet and being unusable. The exterior of the cat house is guaranteed never to chip, crack, or fade.

The insulated cat house would be the perfect kitty house to go outside of a business to keep feral cats safe and warm!

Kh Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Multi Kitty A Frame

This cute little outdoor multi-cat A-frame house comes in both heated and unheated options. It is waterproof and weatherproof, so it works for just about any area outside!

A great feature of this outdoor A-frame cat house is that it has two exits, so you never need to worry about a predator trapping your feline friend in their cat house. They will always have an escape route.

You don’t need any tools to assemble this house, and it is Met listed. It also features a one-year warranty.

Petmate Kitty Kat Condo

Looking a lot like the most common style of outdoor animal houses, the Kitty Kat Condo comes in an igloo shape. The inside flooring is lined with a carpet, good for keeping your pet warm as well as encouraging exercising their claws.

While this model does not come with a door or cover for the exit, it does have a hood to help keep the rain and snow out. It is insulated with a high-quality foam and durable exterior.

Trixie Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary

More along the lines of a cat condo, this awesome screened in kitty haven offers a multi-level retreat with both indoor and outdoor features. Your pet or pets can enjoy the feeling of being outside with screened-in retreat areas, and when the weather is less sunny and warm, there is plenty of room for them to get cozy inside the sheltered house.

The outdoor cat sanctuary is made of wood and boasts an easy 30-minute assembly. This would be an excellent option for those cats who like to be outside, but either can’t defend themselves or like to run away.

Elite Cat Condo

This adorable tiny cottage style cat house is perfect for those who really want the look of a cute house for their spoiled (or as I like to say, well-loved!) pet! Complete with tiny windows and shutters, this elite cat house would look great anywhere. The outdoor cat condo has three stories for play, a weatherproof exterior, and peekaboo holes to boot!

There are two kitty-sized doors for your pet to gain easy access, as well as one large door on the back for you to easily access any level for maintenance or other needs.

Trixie Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Cottage

If you are in the market for a fancier cat house, this (along with a few others on the list) should be one to catch your eye! This wooden outdoor cat cottage would be a great cat house to spoil your little kitty friend!

Made from wood and coated with a weatherproof finish, this cottage is full of class. It features two stories of space to play and lounge in, as well as little shutters on the windows. It also has plastic panes in the windows to keep the weather out, and the plastic prevents any worries of broken glass.

There are two doors for entrance and exit, and a hinged roof for ease of owner access! The cat cottage boasts a 20-minute easy setup and sits elevated from the ground, so no worries about water or snow getting in...not to mention predators or pests.

Great for those who want to add to their landscaping while providing their pet a safe and warm home!

Insulated Cedar Outdoor Cat House

This charmingly simple outdoor cat house has all of the amenities of a nice cozy kitty home! The wonderful thing about these houses is that they are custom made to order, so you can have it just the way you want it.

It is made of cedar and is waterproof. To keep your furry friend warm, they apply insulation to the floor, walls, and ceiling. All you need to assemble this beauty is a power screwdriver!

If you want an outdoor cat house that is a very specific size, layout, or design, then this is a great option for you!

Kh Manufacturing Outdoor Extra Wide Kitty House

This extra wide outdoor kitty house is perfect for indoor and outdoor pets! It Is water resistant, not waterproof, but can be placed just about anywhere you’d like! It has two exits to prevent predators from trapping your cat in their home.

You won’t need any tool to assemble, and it also includes two clear door flaps to prevent the elements from getting in. You can order this cat house in both heated and unheated models, and it includes a one-year warranty.

It comes in two colors: olive or black, so you can pick which would best accent your home. Plus, the extra space works well for more than one kitty.

Outdoor Cat House Buyer's Guide

Outdoor Cat House Buyers Guide

When it comes to the best outdoor cat house, you need to look at what would work best for your pet.

Are you a traveler who brings your little friend along for the ride? Or possibly a business owner with a few feral but friendly little kitties that you want to protect from the elements? These are things to take into consideration.

Many people have a certain look they are wanting to go for when searching for a cat house, so that will be a factor to keep in mind. Just remember, if it gets frigid in your area, you will want to be sure to get a cat house that has excellent insulation, or maybe one that is heated to keep your kitty warm during even the coldest months.

If you live in more rural areas and have the risk of predators, you might want to consider a house that is elevated or one that is screened in to keep your cat safe. Multiple exits are also a must for this sort of scenario.

In the case of multiple cats, you will want to be sure to get a house big enough to accommodate all your pets, as a small house will certainly cause one pet to bully the others out.

Older cats may not want to have tons of levels or have to jump in our out of their homes if they have arthritis issues, so for them, something closer to the ground with one level would be ideal.

No matter the need, I am certain this list will help get the wheels turning on what cat house is best for you and your furry family!

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