Purina Purely Fancy Feast Canned Cat Food: Product Review

Purina Purely Fancy Feast Natural Cat Food 3

Have a picky feline at home? Maybe you are just looking for a switch in foods. Either way, look no further. Your cat is going to love Purina’s Purely Fancy Feast natural canned cat food.

Fancy Feast has been around for years. Purina has spent these years developing and improving on their products, bringing to the table great tasting, high-quality meals for cats worldwide. This product does not contain any by-products or fillers, something that many other companies cannot say. They do include real seafood and meat, in a light broth.

Each serving is balanced with the right vitamins and nutrients for a healthy pet. You won’t ever need to worry that your little furry friend isn’t getting exactly what nutrients they need to be at their very best; Purina has already done that work for you.

Purina Purely Fancy Feast Natural Cat Food

Not only is their food good for kitty, but it has a great texture as well. It's flaky, not lumpy. This cat food resembles the taste and texture of tuna - something we all know that cats love! Often times, we see gelatinous lumps come out of canned cat food, but this is not the case with Purely Fancy Feast!

Crafted in the United States

Purina proudly develops their cat food products in the United States, with fresh, high-quality ingredients. As I previously stated, they don’t use fillers or added unnecessary ingredients. Not only is it made right here in the U.S., but it is also conveniently packaged, with its convenient pull tab opening.

Adding Benefits to Your Cat’s Diet

Not only is Purely Fancy Feast beneficial in the nutritional aspect, but the broth adds moisture too! It is an excellent source of protein for your furry pal.

To ensure your pets get the maximum nutrition, make sure you are feeding them correctly, according to their size. For an average-sized adult cat, feed him 1 tray of food for each one to two pounds of weight.



Question: How does it differ from the old formula?

Answer: Purina has now added broth to the Purely Fancy Feast recipe, as well as a realistic flaky texture! Not to mention that you will not find a single filler or bi-product on that ingredient list. You might notice a slight change in the appearance and texture, and some have said the new formula has a different smell than the original.

Question: Is the packaging recyclable?

Answer: No. While this may be the case, the packaging can definitely come in handy. The pop top on this cat food makes it easy for anyone to open, and it's a mess-free, hassle-free way to treat your favorite felines to a snack.

Many customers love that the packaging resembles a food dish and often serve it to their pets straight out of the container it comes in.

Now that we have gotten past the commonly asked questions, let's move on to the pros and cons of this product. I mean, after all, the best way to think about any big decision is with a pro-con list, amirite?



  • Cats seem to love the flavor of the new formula
  • Easy to open pop-top
  • ​No byproducts or fillers
  • ​Texture that is like that of actual tuna
  • ​Great value for the quality of product
  • Adds moisture to cat’s diet
  • Containers are made of nonrecyclable materials
  • Some cats and pet owners prefer the original formula
Purina Purely Fancy Feast Natural Cat Food 2

So What’s My Final Verdict?

With a very high rating from the majority of the cat owners who purchase Purina’s Purely Fancy Feast, the truth is right there in front of us, my friends. People say that even their pickiest pet love the flavor of this cat food. They eat every last bite!

Many like the price as well, saying it is an excellent value. You won’t have to feel bad about spoiling your furry feline companion knowing that this product contains only the best ingredients.

So, if you are in the market for a satisfying treat for your cat, this Purely Fancy Feast canned cat food would definitely be a great option!

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